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You can feed your family healthy meals on a budget. I'll show you my family grocery budget and show how I fed my family of 5 for only $25 in one week. | Family grocery list on a budget | Click to read. #groceryshopping #feedingfamily

$25 Week Dinner Challenge – Feed Your Family of 5 for $25

Trying to feed your large family healthy meals on a budget feels like you’re trying to find a magical unicorn....

These easy Halloween treats are budget friendly and will help you save money. DIY 3 Halloween treats for kids (young and old) that you simply cannot live without. The best part is one treat costs less than 25 cents! Toddler friendly and mom approved. #Halloween #Halloweentreats

Spooktastic Halloween Treats You Can’t Live Without

Do you remember your favorite candy on Halloween night as a kid? Maybe you are a chocolate fan. Heaven knows...

There's lots of marriage advice about how to strengthen your marriage. This post explains the ultimate way to strengthen your marriage after everything else you've tried has failed. From one Christian husband and wife to another, you can strengthen your marriage, even when you feel like it's failing. Click to read. #marriageadvice #christianmarriage

The Ultimate Way to Strengthen Your Marriage

And they all lived happily ever after… At least that’s what we were told. When we think of marriage we think...

A fun, kid friendly Halloween recipe that you don't want to miss! These Halloween chocolate spiders require only 2 ingredients and are made in minutes. No oven cooking required. Click for your recipe! #Halloween #kidfriendlyrecipes

Kid Friendly Halloween Recipe – Chocolate Spiders

One of the most challenging things for parents is to find kid-friendly anything, especially for really young kiddos. And the...

Trying to find spiritual fulfillment while meeting the demands of a hectic mom schedule doesn't have to be a struggle. With these 5 practical tips, you can renew your faith in God as you reach heavenward. Click to read and discover how you can find spiritual fulfillment in your crazy mom life, today. #faith #christianmom

Trying to Find Spiritual Fulfillment on a Hectic Mom Schedule? Try This!

You hear something crash and break in the background as you chase your toddler around the house, trying to convince...

Are you looking to strengthen your family bond? Do you want a strong family, even during hard times? These 10 secrets every strong family knows is a must-read! We discuss qualities that all strong families have in common (and how you can strengthen your family bond as well!) Click to read! #strongfamily #familybond

10 Secrets Every Strong Family Knows

There were two popular shows on television when I was growing up. Both of them were centered around a different...

Are you wondering what age siblings should stop sharing a room? Are you worried about making the big change? You can easily help your kids successfully adjust to having their own bedroom with these 5 practical tips that actually work. Start preparing your child (and yourself) for the big change. Click to read.

Helping Kids Successfully Adjust to Having their own Bedroom (After Sharing)

My husband and I have a four-year-old princess who has been sharing a bedroom with one of the most boyish...

Do you feel like your faith is weak? Are you looking for a way to strengthen your faith in God during hard times? Today we go over 3 easy ways you can strengthen your relationship with God, grow your faith, and conquer your most difficult trials. Click to read.

Having Faith in God During Hard Times

There are times in our life when we feel as bright as the sun is shining outside. The kids are...

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