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The Ultimate List Of Books On Courage Every Child Needs

Your child will love these books on courage as they learn what true courage means for them. Included in this list is Ruth Soukup’s book, “How Big Is Your Brave” and how children can have courage while still being afraid.

There are a few magical words in our family.

Some of these words might be heard within the walls of your own home, too. They may include phrases like, “please”, “thank you,” or “mom is sneaking a cookie in the pantry!” (They always find out!)

And in our home there is another magical phrase we use that guarantees to have all the children quiet within 10-seconds. All we have to say is,

“Who wants to read a book?”

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We are book junkies in our home and my children can be brutally honest on whether a book is worth their time or not.

In our home, they select the books they want to read.

But sometimes, I’m able to sneak a few into their pile that I know they’ll enjoy and learn a lesson from.

When I heard them start using phrases such as, “I can’t do that, I’m not [blank] enough” or “I can’t, I’m too scared” I knew the lesson they needed to desperately learn is courage.

The words “you can’t” are rarely said in our home.

Well, unless our children want to stay up until midnight, have a candy eating competition before dinner time, or decide they identify as a t-rex who can’t pick up their toys…then we say, “you can’t but you can do this…”

(Those are stories for another day!)

My family and I were given the opportunity to read Ruth Soukup’s children’s book, “How Big Is Your Brave” and my children started asking questions.

They asked what the difference was between bravery and courage.

This led to a great discussion of how bravery is the ability to confront danger in the face of pressure without feeling fearful or scared, but courage feels fear and still chooses to confront their danger.

The ultimate difference is courageous people feel fear and refuse to take counsel from their fears. They are the ones who make the heroic choices that allow them become a force to be reckoned with in today’s world.

This is one of the reason’s my children loved Zippy from Ruth’s book. Her desire to build a rocket is bigger than her insecurities and fear of failure.

While my children and I read Zippy’s story, my children made connections between themselves and Zippy.

Once I reminded them, “Do you remember the time you helped this person. You were scared what they would think, but you said you felt good after helping them.”

They made the rest of their courage building connections for themselves.

Other Books On Courage Every Child Needs Include:

I honestly struggled after I heard my children tell themselves they couldn’t do something, especially when my husband and I are constantly encouraging them to do new things.

Along with Ruth Soukup’s story, here is a list of books on courage for kids who might feel a little fearful (or who simply love to read a good book).

Randall the blue spider goes surfing

My friend Krissy Hadick and her family (you can find this sweet family at The Hadicks) love “Randall the Blue Spider Goes Surfing.”

This book is about a blue spider named Randall who loves the ocean and surfing. He is nervous about entering a surfing competition, but with the help of his friend Chester, he learns how to cope with his fears and take his chances.

You can take a sneak peek inside this cute book on bravery here.

Brave by Stacy McAnulty

Kids are brave every day. When they are told they are too little, but accomplish something big.

An empowering picture book for all kids that demonstrates to children that they can be real-life superheroes and that all kids have what it takes to be brave.

Brave Molly: (Empowering Books for Kids, Overcoming Fear Kids Books, Bravery Books for Kids) 

What do you do when no one can see your monsters but you? At first, Molly runs from them.

Author-illustrator Brooke Boynton-Hughes delivers a modern classic in this moving adventure that honors everyday acts of bravery and the power of friendship to banish the monsters that haunt us.

When You Are Brave by Pat Zietlow

Saying goodbye to neighbors. Worrying about new friends. Passing through a big city. Seeing a dark road ahead.

In these moments, a young girl feels small and quiet and alone. But when she breathes deeply and looks inside herself, a hidden spark of courage appears, one she can nurture and grow until she glows inside and out.

Be Brave Little One

Celebrate the courage and bravery in every child with Be Brave Little One, from the bestselling author of If I Could Keep You Little. Perfect for cheering someone on, this story affirms how bravery can show up in all different ways!

When I look at you,
shining bright as the sun,
I wish for you this…
be brave little one!

Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave by Jessica Hische

This book reminds readers, tomorrow is another day, full of endless opportunities–all you have to do is decide to make the day yours.

Tomorrow I’ll be all the things I tried to be today:
Adventurous, Strong, Smart, Curious, Creative, Confident, & Brave.
And if I wasn’t one of them, I know that it’s OK.

Abigail: The Belle of Bravery Book from the Bible Belles Christian Children’s Book Set

Follow the story of Rooney as she meets Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth, and Deborah: five heroic women of the bible, including:

  • Hannah: The Belle of Prayer Book
  • Esther: The Belle of Patience Book
  • Abigail: The Belle of Bravery Book
  • Ruth: The Belle of Loyalty Book
  • Deborah: The Belle of Leadership Book

I Am Brave 

I Am Brave follows a little girl as she navigates her own family vacation.

Thankfully, with her brother, parents, and even a magician as a guide, she learns to overcome hesitation and embrace her family’s new adventures.

Repeating the affirmation that “I am brave” allows courage to take over and helps her have a very happy vacation.

If you are planning a family vacation this summer, then you’ll want to brush up on how to handle jet lag in babies.

I hope you and your family make the most of your trip and time together!

Be Brave, Little Penguin

Little Penguin Pip-Pip would love to join in with all his friends swimming in the sea, but there’s just one problem . . . he’s scared of water. 

This irresistible story shows that sometimes all it takes is a little bit of encouragement — and a whole lot of heart — to finally make that leap and be BRAVE!

Be Brave Like Batman! (DC Super Friends)

My son LOVES this book!

Are your little ones afraid of the dark? Now they can be brave like Batman(TM)! Boys and girls ages 3 to 7 will learn how to face dark closets, monsters under the bed, and lights-out time with the help of Batman(TM) and his pals, the DC Super Friends(TM)!

This new BE BRAVE empowerment series is the perfect way to help young readers conquer common fears.

If you’re looking for more fun read aloud books, check out the Thanksgiving read alouds on this list.

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