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31 Perfect Memorial Day Books For Kids You’ll Read Every Year

Okay, fine, I’ll tell you! But only because I like you.

There’s some holidays that might be blown off in our home (sorry Star Wars Day).

Memorial Day is NOT one of them.

And when you’re a mom of kids who make the most brilliant bookworms look like they’re reading SparkNotes to all their books, you have to ask yourself this question…

Is there any book your child hasn’t read?

Because you need to keep encouraging their reading and these Memorial Day books are perfect for that!

A woman and a child are sitting inside a cozy tent made of blankets and reading a book together. The scene is warmly lit with soft, glowing lights in the foreground, creating a magical and intimate atmosphere.

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31 Perfect Memorial Day Books For Kids You’ll Read Every Year

Here are timeless Memorial Day books your kids will want to read every year (with or without you. And trust me, they’ll find a way):

Illustrated cover of the book "Memorial Day" by Emma Carlson Berne. It features a smiling soldier saluting in front of a waving American flag, with three children standing in a line, also saluting. The cover includes a note about music by Mark Mallman.

Memorial Day (Holidays in Rhythm and Rhyme)

Memorial Day is a special time to honor the soldiers who bravely fought and died for our country.

This book helps kids learn about this important day through fun rhymes and songs, making it perfect for reading together as a family.

Plus, you can enjoy the included online music to sing along and celebrate the start of summer in a memorable way!

Pick up your copy here.

An image with a field covered in numerous American flags with text overlay saying "Celebrating U.S. Holidays" at the top and "Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?" prominently displayed in the center.

Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?

This book helps readers understand the importance of the day and the sacrifices made by military personnel.

Your child will explore the different ways people celebrate this holiday, blending serious reflection with fun traditions.

With colorful photos and easy-to-read text, it’s perfect for engaging young readers.

See if this book is perfect for your kid here.

Cover of the book "The Berenstain Bears: God Bless Our Country" by Mike Berenstain. It features the bear family saluting with American flags and fireworks in the background. The title is written in bold red, white, and blue letters with stars and stripes. Stickers included.

The Berenstain Bears God Bless Our Country

I don’t think there’s a bad Berenstain Bears book. It’s just not possible for them to make one.

Join the Bear family and their neighbors in Bear Country as they celebrate the Fourth of July with a grand parade.

Along the way, the Bear cubs learn about the importance of freedom and the blessings it brings to their country making this the perfect story for teaching kids about patriotism and community spirit.

Add this book to your collection here.

Children of various ethnicities smile in front of a large American flag, illustrating the cover of the book "F is for Flag" by Wendy Cheyette Lewison with illustrations by Barbara Duke. The title and author/illustrator names are prominently displayed at the top.

F is for Flag

“F Is for Flag” is a heartwarming book that explains the importance of the American flag in a way that’s perfect for reading with young children.

It highlights how the flag stands as a symbol of unity, a sign of welcome, and a reminder that we are all part of one big family, especially on Flag Day.

This simple yet meaningful story shows how the flag represents togetherness and patriotism every day.

Get your copy here.

The cover of the children's book "What Is America?" shows three children joyfully celebrating with American flags and a pinwheel. They are sitting outdoors on a picnic table with watermelon slices and a house in the background. The sky is blue and bright.

What is America?

My kids love author Michelle Medlock Adams. In this book she introduces young readers to the core beliefs and ideals that make America special.

Through heartfelt and humorous questions, kids will explore iconic symbols like the flag and the Statue of Liberty while learning that America is about much more than monuments.

It’s a land of freedom, democracy, and dreams. Whimsical artwork and rhyming verse make this a delightful and educational read for children.

Grab this treasured book here.

An American soldier stands in front of a U.S. flag. Text reads, "What is Memorial Day?". A gravestone marked "Unknown Soldier" and a pair of boots with flowers are in the foreground. The author's name, Kerianne Jelinek, is at the bottom.

What is Memorial Day?

This heartfelt children’s book teaches kids about the importance of honoring our fallen heroes.

With 15 engaging activities, it helps families celebrate the holiday meaningfully. From writing letters to soldiers to visiting memorials, each activity fosters appreciation for the bravery and sacrifices of our military.

Inspire the next generation to remember and honor those who gave their lives for our country by getting your copy of this book.

Book cover of "Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion" by Jane Barclay, illustrated by Renné Benoit. It shows a crowd of people in muted tones, with the figures of a peacock and a lion, both ethereal and translucent, walking among them.

Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion

This touching story introduces young readers to the themes of war and remembrance through the eyes of a child and his grandpa.

As the grandchild asks questions, Grandpa shares his memories of being a soldier, vividly describing his experiences with animal metaphors.

The mood shifts to a solemn tone during a veterans’ parade, where the child learns about honoring those who have served and sacrificed. In a poignant moment, they embrace the idea of remembering forever, just like elephants.

Grab this precious book here.

The cover of the book "Postcards from a War" by Vanita Oelschlager features a sepia-toned illustration of a boy running towards a mailbox labeled "BAUKNIGHT 312." The background shows additional mailboxes and a subtle war-themed backdrop.

Postcards from a War

Postcards from a War is about a boy coping with his mother’s deployment to a war zone.

His grandfather, who experienced a similar situation when his father served in World War II, shares postcards and letters from that time to help the boy understand.

Together, they create a scrapbook with these old letters and new communications from his mother.

This touching story highlights the importance of family bonds and intergenerational support during challenging times.

Add this book to your personal library.

Book cover of "Twenty-One Steps" by Jeff Gottesfeld, illustrated by Matt Tavares. It depicts a uniformed guard standing solemnly in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier during sunset, with a peaceful sky and greenery in the background.

Twenty-One Steps

Discover the humbling story of the Tomb Guards, who tirelessly honor America’s fallen soldiers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

Through captivating words and illustrations, your child will learn about the solemn duty and unwavering dedication of these sentinel guards, who stand vigil day and night to ensure that the sacrifices of their comrades are never forgotten.

This book sheds light on the profound reverence and commitment of those who serve in the ultimate tribute to the Unknowns.

Add this book to your collection.

Children and animals gather around a wooden fence under a setting sun. The scene includes a polar bear, bunnies, a zebra, a fox, and several birds. Above them is the book title "Don't Forget to Remember" by Ellie Holcomb. The illustration is by Kayla Harren.

Don’t Forget To Remember

This book would be perfect for children from military families.

In “Don’t Forget to Remember,” Ellie Holcomb crafts a charming journey through lyrical rhyme, inviting young minds to explore the enduring presence of God’s love.

This heartwarming tale serves as a gentle reminder that even when forgetting feels easier than remembering, the steadfastness of God’s love remains unwavering, offering comfort and reassurance to both young and old alike.

Don’t forget to add this book to your library.

Illustration of a young girl sitting by lit candles on Memorial Day, surrounded by small American flags. A "Memorial Day" badge is in the top right corner. Text at the bottom reads "Memorial Day for Kids" by J.P. Anthony Williams.

Memorial Day For Kids: A Children’s Book Tribute To Our Nation’s Heroes

This heartwarming book teaches children about the significance of Memorial Day and the courageous individuals who gave their all to defend our freedom.

With engaging illustrations and interactive activities included, young readers will discover the traditions and honor the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes, making this book a must-have for families commemorating this important day.

Grab your personal copy.

Book cover of "Blue Sky White Stars" by Sarvinder Naberhaus, illustrated by Kadir Nelson. The illustration features a diverse group of people looking up at the sky, with a young boy on a man's shoulders, holding a small American flag. The night sky is dotted with stars.

Blue Sky, White Stars

From the Statue of Liberty to the launchpads of Cape Canaveral, each page beautifully captures moments of American history and unity.

I love how respectful the author is to veterans and those who fight for freedom. Even though this is a book for Memorial Day, you could easily read this book on Veteran’s Day, the 4th of July, and throughout the year.

Perfect for families, it’s a heartfelt celebration of our nation’s past and present, inviting children to explore the rich tapestry of America’s landscape and people.

Grab your kids copy here.

Book cover of "Remembering" by Xelena González, illustrated by Adriana M. Garcia. It features a drawing of a child holding and smiling at a dog, with candles, flowers, and a hand holding a picture frame around them. The book has an award seal on the cover.


Even though this story is about a family remembering their dog who died, “Remembering” is perfect for anyone experiencing grief.

This touching story gently explores themes of loss and remembrance, offering solace and understanding to children experiencing the loss of a loved one.

You can use this book to teach your kids about parents who don’t come home, so they can go to school and have the freedoms they enjoy today.

Take a look inside this book.

Cover of the book "Hero Dad" by Melinda Hardin, illustrated by Bryan Langdo. It features a smiling man in camouflage uniform carrying a young boy wearing a red shirt and oversized cap on his shoulders. A military vehicle is seen in the background.

Hero Dad

“Hero Dad” is a heartwarming story that introduces kids to a different kind of superhero: the brave parents serving in the military.

Through simple yet touching text and delightful illustrations, children learn about the sacrifices their hero parents make to keep the world safe, even when they’re far away.

It’s a beautiful way to help kids understand and appreciate the courage and dedication of their military moms and dads.

Grab this book here.

Book cover of "Hero Mom" by Melinda Hardin, illustrated by Bryan Langdo. The cover features an illustration of a woman in military camouflage bending down to embrace a child wearing a red hoodie. A helicopter is in the background, and the title is displayed at the top.

Hero Mom

Discover the extraordinary heroes hiding in plain sight – military moms! In this sweet story, your child will learn about the hero moms as they navigate the challenges of service and motherhood, proving that true strength lies within the hearts of those who nurture and defend.

Add this book to your cart.

Book cover of "Memory Jars" by Vera Brosgol. It features a young girl with brown skin and dark hair in a ponytail, happily pulling a red wagon loaded with colorful jars. She holds two jars in her hands, and the title is written prominently on the right side.

Memory Jars

Freda learns a valuable lesson about patience and the joy of savoring moments. When she can’t eat all the blueberries she’s picked, she discovers the idea of preserving them as jam.

But as she starts saving everything, she realizes that some things are meant to be cherished in the moment, teaching kids about the balance between saving and enjoying life’s treasures.

Reading this book gave my children and I a chance to talk about living in the moment, expressing gratitude for family members, and the sacrifice and service others give for us.

Add this book to your collection.

A book cover titled "The Wall" by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Ronald Himler. It shows a man holding a young child on his shoulders, both touching a large, reflective stone wall. In the background, the Washington Monument is visible. A "Reading Rainbow Book" sticker is on the cover.

The Wall (Reading Rainbow Books)

Join a father and his young son on a life-changing journey to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, where they seek the name of the grandfather the boy never met.

Through touching words and artistic illustrations, this book sensitively explores themes of loss, pride, and remembrance, making it a perfect tool for helping kids understand the significance of Memorial Day and the sacrifices made by those who served.

Add this favorite book to your library.

The cover of the book "In Flanders Fields: The Story of the Poem by John McCrae" shows a rural wartime scene with soldiers, a horse-drawn cart, and red poppies in a field. The title is in large red letters, and the book features a gold award sticker.

In Flanders Fields

Help your kids explore the powerful poem behind John McCrae’s iconic World War I poem, ‘In Flanders Fields.’

You might have a hard time finding a copy of this book, but there’s a moving story behind one of history’s most enduring poems and its profound impact on the world.

See if you’re lucky to get a copy of this book.

A book cover titled "Where Poppies Grow: A World War I Companion" by Linda Granfield. The cover features vibrant red poppies in the foreground and an illustration of three soldiers, armed and in uniform, advancing across a battlefield in the background.

Where Poppies Grow

Discover the untold stories of World War I in Linda Granfield’s gripping book, finalist for the Silver Birch Award and winner of the 2002 Information Book Award.

Through photos, your kids will be transported to a time when the world was torn apart by conflict.

They’ll experience the bravery and sacrifices of ordinary people, from soldiers to families left behind, in this moving reminder of the true cost of war.

See if there’s a copy for your personal library.

Book cover of "The Poppy Lady: Moina Belle Michael and Her Tribute to Veterans" by Barbara Elizabeth Walsh, with paintings by Layne Johnson. The cover depicts a woman in a green coat and hat holding a red poppy, set against a background of a poppy field and partly cloudy sky.

The Poppy Lady: Moina Belle Michael and Her Tribute to Veterans

You’ll love learning about the inspiring story of Moina Belle Michael, a dedicated teacher who helped establish the red poppy as a symbol of remembrance for soldiers during World War I.

Through her determination and hard work, Moina ensured that the symbol would endure, honoring veterans for generations to come.

Join author Barbara Elizabeth Walsh and artist Layne Johnson on this heartfelt journey, supported by insights from Moina’s family.

Plus, a portion of the book’s proceeds goes to support children of the U.S. military through the National Military Family Association’s Operation Purple.

Support the troops and add this book to your personal library.

Book cover for "Don't Forget, God Bless Our Troops" by Jill Biden, illustrated by Raúl Colón. The image features a soldier in uniform holding a young girl with a dog sitting nearby, all looking towards a background of trees and sky.

Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops

Love him them or hate them the First Lady Jill Biden wrote this book for her granddaughter Natalie.

Even though a young girl misses her dad while he’s serving in the military overseas, she finds comfort in sending him treats and talking to him online.

With the support of family and friends, Natalie learns that love and connection can bridge the distance until her dad returns home.

See if this book is right for you.

Cover of "Rolling Thunder" by Kate Messner, illustrated by Greg Ruth. It features a man and a child riding a red motorcycle with a sidecar, surrounded by cheering people. The child is wearing military attire, and an American flag waves in the background.

Rolling Thunder

Join award-winning author Kate Messner in her moving tribute to American veterans and their families.

“Rolling Thunder” takes readers on a journey to the heart of Memorial Day in Washington, DC, where over a million veterans and supporters gather for the Ride for Freedom.

Through beautiful poetry and stunning illustrations, this book celebrates the bravery and sacrifice of our nation’s heroes, teaching kids about the importance of honoring those who serve.

Grab your copy here.

Cover of the DK Eyewitness Books titled "Soldier". The cover features an image of soldiers in desert camouflage, holding rifles and aiming. There are illustrations of medals, a helicopter, and ancient soldiers. Text reads: "Discover the world of soldiers - their training, tactics, vehicles, and weapons.

DK Eyewitness Books: Soldier

My boys were more excited for this book than my girls, even though both enjoyed looking at the pictures.

This book is perfect to introduce children to the life of a soldier. They’ll see and learn the vehicles they drive, the weapons they use.

They’ll even jump through history from medieval knights to modern troops and how military life and service have changed.

Put this book in your collection.

The cover of the book "America's White Table" by Margot Theis Raven, illustrated by Mike Benny. It features a white table setting with a single red rose and a slice of lemon on a plate, and an illustration of a small table with various items on it.

America’s White Table

Wouldn’t the world be more wonderful if more restaurants did this?

In “The White Table,” Katie and her sisters help set a special table to honor her Uncle John, who serves in the military.

Through their mother’s explanations, they learn about the symbolic meaning behind each item on the table, representing fallen, missing, or captive service members.

As they participate in this solemn ritual, they come to appreciate the sacrifices made by their uncle and all those who serve, making the little white table feel as big as America itself.

Add this book to your library.

Cover of the book "A Day for Rememberin’" by Leah Henderson, illustrated by Floyd Cooper. It shows a touching scene of an adult and child, possibly mother and son, in an embrace with a graveyard in the background. The adult gently holds the child's face, with flowers nearby.

A Day For Rememberin’

Step back in time to witness history through the eyes of a young boy named Eli.

In “A Day for Rememberin’,” Eli and his family join the crowds in Charleston, South Carolina, to commemorate what would become the first Memorial Day in 1865.

Through beautiful illustrations and heartfelt storytelling, this book teaches kids about the origins of Memorial Day and honors those who sacrificed for freedom during the Civil War.

Get a copy of this book for your home.

Children hold a banner that reads "Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood" while walking with two veterans in uniform, one from the Marines and one from the Army. The book is by Valerie Pfundstein, illustrated by Aaron Anderson, with a Mom's Choice Award in the corner.

Veterans: Heroes in our Neighborhood

This captivating picture book filled with lively rhymes, perfect for both kids and parents.

It celebrates the courageous veterans who not only served our nation but also live among us as our neighbors and friends.

Through its inspiring pages, children can learn about the importance of honoring and respecting these remarkable individuals who continue to contribute to our communities every day.

Get your copy here.

The cover of the book "Year of the Jungle" by Suzanne Collins, illustrated by James Proimos. It features a cartoon image of a child with big blue eyes and curly red hair peeking through jungle foliage. The subtitle reads "Memories from the Home Front.

Year of the Jungle

Suzy’s dad is leaving for Vietnam, and she’s worried. What’s it like there? Will he be okay? When will he come back?

As time goes by, marked by holidays and postcards, Suzy feels her dad slipping away.

This touching picture book by Suzanne Collins, author of the Hunger Games, with delightful illustrations by James Proimos, is for any kid missing a parent.

Get your personal copy here.

The cover of the book "H is for Honor: A Military Family Alphabet" by Devin Scillian and illustrated by Victor Juhasz displays a smiling family in military uniform, including a man, woman, and child, all saluting. The girl holds a small American flag.

H is for Honor

Discover the bravery and sacrifice of military families in ‘H is for Honor,’ a heartfelt exploration of the Armed Services.

Written by the son of a career officer, this book explains the importance of patriotism, the role of Special Forces like Navy SEALS and Army Rangers, and the significance of traditions like the Army/Navy football game.

Through stories of moving homes, letters from loved ones, and life on base, children will gain a deeper understanding of courage and commitment, especially if they have family members serving in the military.

Add this book to your collection.

A festive illustration of a diverse group of children waving American flags with joy. The text reads "Memorial Day Surprise" by Theresa Martin Golding, illustrated by Alexandra Artigas. Confetti and colorful streamers add to the celebratory atmosphere.

Memorial Day Surprise

Join Marco and his mom on Memorial Day as they head to the parade, passing by Marco’s grandfather’s house along the way.

Mom has a surprise planned, and Marco can’t wait to find out what it is.

As the parade unfolds with marching bands and fire engines, Marco longs for his grandfather’s company. But when the veterans march by, Marco gets the surprise of a lifetime.

See if this book’s available.

Cover image of the book "Maya Lin: Artist-Architect of Light and Lines" by Jeanne Walker Harvey, illustrated by Dow Phumiruk. It features a girl touching a reflective stone wall with engraved names, representing the Vietnam Veterans Memorial designed by Maya Lin.

Maya Lin

Discover the captivating story of Maya Lin, the artist-architect behind the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

As a child, Maya’s love for exploring nature and creating tiny towns fueled her passion for art and design.

Raised in a household where creativity thrived, Maya’s journey from her early experiments to her iconic creation is an inspiring tale of determination and vision.

This book celebrates the incredible achievements of an American artist whose work continues to touch the hearts of millions.

Add this book to your cart.

Cover of "Curious George: Parade Day" book. George, a brown monkey, pulls a red wagon filled with various items, including an American flag, picnic basket, and musical instruments. He joyfully marches as the sky is blue. The right side has small colorful illustrations.

Curious George Parade Day

Your child will love joining George as he eagerly waits for a magical parade to start.

But with mischief around every corner, George finds himself in a whirlwind of adventure.

Can he save the parade from chaos and still enjoy its spectacular finale?

Dive into this delightful story filled with playful poems and interactive tabs that will entertain both kids and parents alike!

Add another Curious George book to your library.

A collage of children's books with patriotic themes, featuring titles like "The Poppy Lady," "Where Poppies Grow," "God Bless Our Country," and "The Wall." The books depict various illustrations related to patriotism, including American flags and military figures.

These books are just a small selection of the many great stories that celebrate Memorial Day.

Whether you’re looking to teach your child about the significance of the holiday or simply want to enjoy a heartwarming read, these books are perfect for all ages.

So pick up one (or all!) of these titles and make this Memorial Day a special one with your family.

Remember and honor those who have served, and create lasting memories through the power of storytelling.

Happy Memorial Day!

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