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40 Prayers Games That Teach Kids How To Pray

Games can be a fun way to teach kids and youth the purpose of prayer and how to pray. Prayer is often regarded as a bit of a dry and boring activity for some kids, but it doesn’t need to be this way! With some creativity, your child can develop a love for praying. Games about prayer help teach kids and youth the purpose of prayer and how to pray through interactive gameplay that gets them involved in their religion.

It’s hard to find games about prayer and activities for kids that are fun, while still being educational. 

Most of the games my family and I found were either too boring or too difficult for our kids.

We wanted something with a good balance between education and entertainment that would keep them engaged in learning how to pray.

If you find yourself struggling with teaching your child how to pray, then you’ll love these rhyming prayers. They’re perfect for young children.

children praying together over an open Bible.

Prayer Games For Kids To Teach Them How To Pray

These games about prayer help kids learn how to pray by making it fun, so that they don’t even realize that they’re learning.

It also helps them understand the power behind their prayers and gives them confidence when praying with others.

We have several different types of games for children and youth who are interested in this topic.

You’ll also find coloring pages and other Biblical resources you can download and use at home or church to enhance your spiritual learning.

Prayer Activities For Youth

The youth of today’s generation will change the world. It’s no wonder they have so many voices shouting for their attention.

They face opposition every day, such as depression, pornography, and violence. How can we as Christians reach out to them and show them the love of Jesus Christ? We must start with prayer.

Here are some fun youth group games you can do to help teach them about prayer.

Prayer activities for youth; two teens praying.

1. Prayer Walks

Materials: walking shoes and warm weather (preferred)

Level: Easy

Time: 20-30 minutes

Scripture: John 17:9, 15, 20

Take your group on a walk around your neighborhood, and pray for the people who live there. Ask God to bless them, keep them safe, and help them know Him.

Saying powerful spiritual warfare prayers for sleep will help you to get a good night’s rest and to be refreshed for the next day. These prayers will help you clear your mind and soul of any distractions or negative thoughts, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

2. The Cell Phone Prayer

Materials: cell phone

Level: Easy

Time: 15 minutes

Scripture: 2 Thessalonians 3:1

Have the youth open a new note on their cell phones and encourage them to list the names of people they want to pray for.

They can also list their top three concerns to pray over.

3. The Hair Dryer

Materials: an electric hair dryer (or something else that uses power)

Level: Easy

Time: 20 minutes

Scripture: 1 Timothy 2:8

Ask your group what’s the purpose of an electric hair dryer? Point out that without electricity (power) this styling hair tool won’t work.

Compare their lives and the power that prayer can help to the power of the electric hair dryer.

When we serve Heavenly Father and include him in our lives through prayer, He gives us power to help others.

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4. Prayer Journal

Materials: pen or pencil, paper

Level: Easy

Time: 15 minutes

Scripture: Matthew 26:36, 39, 41-42, 44, 53

Encourage your group to keep a prayer journal (blank book) recording their prayers.

This is especially helpful when they pray for their concerns and anything they want to bring to God’s attention. Have them write down the date , time, and what they prayed about with the power of God.

Games about prayer.

5. A Prayer Chain

Materials: pen or pencil, paper

Level: Easy

Time: 20 minutes or more

Scripture: James 5:13-14, 16-18

Have your group to form a prayer chain with you. They can take turns writing down their own prayer concerns on slips of paper, or you can write them out for them.

Discuss with your youth how it feels to have other people who are willing to pray for them when they’re struggling with something.

Remind them that Jesus Christ is always there for us, just like the people praying in your prayer chain!

6. Sandwich Time

Materials: two slices of bread, lettuce, cheese, lunch meat

Level: Easy

Time: 20 minutes

Scripture: Acts 8:15, 22, 24, 34

Do you remember who taught you to pray?

Jesus Christ teaches us the importance of what we pray for to our Father in Heaven.

Just like a sandwich has layers, so does our prayers.

Remind the youth that we first start our prayer by addressing our Father in Heaven. Then we express thanks, ask for help, share the thoughts of our heart, and end our prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.

This prayer game reminds me that when you pray, you can be open and honest with your Heavenly Father, and he will help you through your struggles. Here are 100+ things to pray for in your life right now.

7. Don’t Forget To Brush!

Materials: hair comb or toothbrush

Level: Easy

Time: 20 minutes

Scripture: Luke 22:32, 40-41, 44, 46

Hold up a comb or toothbrush and ask the youth how many times we need to brush each day.

Ask why we brush twice a day.

You can then explain that just like we need to comb our hair or brush our teeth (depending on which object lesson you use) to properly care for our bodies, we also need to pray every day.

God doesn’t have a rule about how many times he wants us to pray each day. In fact, He loves hearing from us (His children).

You can even encourage the kids to pray while they comb their hair or brush their teeth.

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    8. You’ve Got Mail!

    Materials: pen or pencil, paper, envelope (optional)

    Level: Easy

    Time: 20 minutes

    Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:17, 23, 25

    Everyone likes to get mail. God loves it when we pray to him and express gratitude for what we have been given! He wants us to include Him in our lives by letting Him know what we think and feel.

    Have the youth write a letter to God (on paper) and share with Him their thoughts, feelings, and anything else they want to say.

    9. Cereal Time

    Materials: two bowls and your favorite cereal

    Level: Medium

    Time: 20-30 miniutes

    Scripture: Mark 14:32, 35, 38-39

    Lay two breakfast bowls on the table and pour cereal into one.

    Have the children take one piece from the first bowl and put the cereal into the second bowl. Remember, they can only move one piece at a time.

    But, they only have five minutes to complete the task. (For a greater sense of urgency you can lower the time to three minutes).

    While they try to move the cereal from one bowl to the next you can explain how in life there’s always going to be things demanding our attention.

    But God doesn’t want us to give up.

    He wants us to pray and include him through the struggles and trials of life, no matter how boring or mundane things might seem.

    We all make mistakes. It’s part of being human. Sometimes, those mistakes can haunt us and make us feel like we’re not worthy of forgiveness. If you’re struggling to forgive yourself, know that you’re not alone. These 40 prayers to forgive yourself can help to release the guilt and shame you may be carrying around. Give yourself a rest, and let go of the past. You deserve it.

    10. Prayer Rock

    Materials: rock, paint or markers

    Level: Easy

    Time: 30 minutes

    Scripture: Luke 18:1, 10-11

    Encourage the youth to bring a smooth rock to the meeting, or have some available for them.

    This rock helps us remember to start and end our day with a prayer.

    They can decorate their rock with paints or markers.

    You can put your rock under your pillow, at the bottom of your bed, or in your pocket.

    The purpose is to keep this rock in a place where it’ll serve as a reminder for you to pray each day.

    Prayer games for children. A small group of children sitting in a Sunday school lesson.

    Prayer Activities For Kids (Including Preschool Prayer Games)

    1. Drawing Your Prayer

    Materials: Paper, pens, crayons

    Level: Easy

    Time: 15 minutes

    Scripture: Luke 11:1-2

    Your children will love this YouTube video by Art for Kids Hub. They’ll learn how to draw a boy or a girl praying.

    Rob is joined by one of his young daughters and her sweet testimony of prayer will touch your children’s hearts.

    2. Put Your Worries In A Bag

    Materials: brown paper bag, pen, paper

    Level: Easy

    Time: 15 minutes

    Scripture: Luke 6:12, 28

    Write God on the brown paper bag. Explain that when we are scared or worried about something in our lives we can give this to God in prayer and trust Him.

    You can write a common worry children have such as, not making friends, forgetting their homework, or not being liked.

    Have one of the children take this worry and put it into the brown bag.

    When we pray and talk with God about our worries and fears He will help you. You can trust Him that He will take care of your worries and concerns.

    3. The Bedtime Blessing

    Materials: paper and pen (optional), crayons (optional)

    Level: Easy

    Time: 10 minutes

    Scripture: Acts 10:2, 9, 30, 48

    You could try this bedtime prayer activity with your kids, if they’re old enough to write or draw their own prayers. It’s a way of ending the day that includes God.

    Before your children go to bed you can explain that when they say their prayers, each night is a great time to thank God for the special things they have in their lives.

    Explain that when kids pray at night they are being obedient because God asks us to remember Him before we sleep every day.

    4. A Prayer For Positive Change

    Materials: Paper, pen or pencil

    Level: Medium

    Time: 20 minutes

    Scripture: Luke 9:18, 28-29

    This prayer activity for kids is a fun way to help them think about the different ways they can make positive changes in their lives.

    It’s also another great time to teach your children how to pray by having them talk with God about their challenges, fears, or frustrations.

    Tell your children that sometimes we want to change our behavior because we feel like God wants us to be better.

    He wants us to fix the things that aren’t good, and replace them with something better and more helpful.

    You can give kids a piece of paper and you’ll need a different color for each category.

    Some examples of these categories could be school, relationships with family and friends, or even something like sharing more.

    The object of the activity is to write down three things that your children want to change and what they will do to positively improve themselves.

    They can pray to God and ask Him for help with each of these areas.

    5. A Special Celebration

    Materials: a calendar with birthdays and holidays highlighted

    Level: Easy

    Time: 20-30 minutes

    Scripture: 2 Corinthians 13:7

    Show your children a calendar that highlights birthdays and holidays throughout that month. Ask them why these days are exciting for them.

    Listen to their answers and explain that God celebrates every time we pray. He loves hearing about our fears, worries, accomplishments, or anything else we want to share with Him.

    We can even pray for those special days when we celebrate a holiday or birthday.

    Games for prayer. Boy praying in a field.

    6. A Prayer Journal

    Materials: Papers, pencils, pens

    Level: Medium

    Time: 20-30 minutes

    Scripture: 2 Thessalonians 1:11

    Here is another activity for kids to enjoy that helps them learn how to pray and keeps a record of their prayer life.

    This is also a great time to teach your children about what it truly means to be obedient to God.

    One of the best things in life is being able to have a direct connection with God through prayer, just by speaking openly and honestly with Him.

    7. Let’s Fly Airplanes

    Materials: paper and pencil

    Level: Easy

    Time: 30 minutes

    Scripture: Mark 11:24-25

    Give your children a piece of paper and have them write something they want someone else to pray for them.

    This prayer request could be help with a test or paper at school, guidance with friends or family, or something else close to their heart.

    Then have them make this paper into an airplane. The only rule is they can’t rip the paper.

    When everyone is done making their airplanes they’re all going to fly them in different directions.

    They’ll pick up an airplane that doesn’t belong to them and pray for that person.

    You can do this activity inside or outside. It works great either way.

    8. A Prayer for Our World

    Materials: Paper, pen or pencil

    Level: Medium

    Time: 30 minutes

    Scripture: Colossians 1:3, 9

    Now it’s time to review all the different ways prayer can be a part of our everyday life!

    For this activity you will first need to gather some paper and a pen or pencil.

    One piece for each child is needed to complete this activity successfully.

    Give each of your children one of the papers and some time to jot down their prayers for our world.

    As young people face unique challenges in today’s world, it is important to lift them up in prayer. Here are 35+ powerful prayers for youth you can say for today’s rising generation. It’s important that we pray for the youth and lift them up in prayer.

    When they are finished have them fold up their prayers and pass it on to another person. You can even pass these papers in a circle to make this activity easier for everyone.

    Then, have them open up the letter, read it over silently, fold it back up, pass it to the person sitting next to them.

    Then encourage them to silently pray for what was written on the piece of paper.

    Keep the papers going in a circle until their paper comes back to them.

    9. Connecting the Dots

    Materials: Paper, pencil, crayons

    Level: Medium

    Time: 20 minutes

    Scripture: Hebrews 13:18

    Here’s a fun way to teach kids about how God is always in control and with us every step of the way in our lives.

    The trick in this activity is that when you tell your children to draw a picture of something they want, make sure to tell them to draw the outline in dots (like the connect-the-dots activity sheets).

    Explain that our prayers to God are the “outlines” of our life. What we pray over is what we are telling God is important to us.

    It’s up to Him to connect the dots or help us draw a new picture. It all depends on His will for us.

    But, when we give God control and allow His will to become our own, we can be promised and reassured that He can make much more out of our lives than we can by ourselves.

    10. Tie This Tightly

    Materials: yarn and scissors

    Level: Easy

    Time: 20 minutes

    Scripture: Luke 21:36

    Have a child volunteer to have their hands woven together. They will need to hold the end of the string of yarn, then go around their hands once.

    Invite them to break the yarn or get out of the bind. They should be able to do this easily.

    As you continue to wind the yarn around them (leave room for their safety), discuss how our prayers strengthen our relationship with God.

    When we pray with an intentional heart we are developing and building a relationship with God that will be strong.

    This relationship is one we want to have last us our entire lives.

    After winding the string and the child has a hard time getting out, explain that when we have a strong relationship with God, sin and Satan will have a hard time getting to our hearts.

    Our relationship and faith in God will be strong.

    Prayer ice breaker games; little girl praying.

    Prayer Games For Children

    We want to teach children the importance of prayer from a young age. You can use these games at home or in Sunday school.

    1. Red Rover Prayers

    Materials: none

    Level: Easy

    Time: 20-30 minutes

    Scripture: Philippians 1:9

    Have the children line up on one side of the gym or room. Ask a question and if the children agree, have them go to the other side of the room.

    Not all of the children will move, but there should be a steady flow of back and forth.

    Some of the things you can say may include, “I ask God in prayer…”

    • To do well in school
    • For help on a test
    • Guidance for relationships, including siblings and parents

    And more.

    At the end of this activity offer a prayer and pray for these children. Remind them that God hears their prayers and cares about them and their life.

    2. Red Light, Green Light

    Materials: none

    Level: Easy

    Time: 20-30 minutes

    Scripture: Romans 8:26

    The parent, leader, or pastor can stand in the front of the room while the children stand at a reasonable distance away.

    Instead of saying “red light, green light” you can shout, “prayer time, service time.”

    When “prayer time” is shouted, the children can pray in their hearts. Then “service time” will encourage the children to help the kids next to them move forward.

    They can only move if they’re helping someone else.

    You can play a few rounds of this game. Talk about prayer and how it’s often through the service and actions of others that God answers our prayers.

    3. How Many Prayers?

    Materials: none

    Level: Easy

    Time: 20 minutes or more

    Scripture: Matthew 9:38

    This game is a fun way to get kids thinking about how many words are in their prayers. If you have older children, they might enjoy being challenged to write out their own verbal prayer.

    Each child will need a piece of paper and writing utensils.

    Then challenge them to write down all of the words that they can think of that are included in their prayers (and this would include “amen” as well).

    After they’re finished, ask, “How long was your prayer?” They should tell you.

    Remind them that God doesn’t care if their prayers are long or short. He cares about hearing from them and the desires of their heart.

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      4. Freeze Tag

      Materials: none

      Level: Easy

      Time: 30 minutes

      Scripture: Matthew 14:23

      This activity is a fun way to teach kids and youth about different types of prayer.

      It can be played like normal freeze tag. However, when one of the children gets tagged they must say the specific type of prayer they most often pray (i.e., for God’s will).

      Some options that you might discuss before playing include:

      • For the food to be blessed
      • Thanking God for what’s about to happen next (i.e., a snack or meal)
      • For protection from Satan and evil
      • Prayer for other people

      The children don’t need to say the prayer aloud if they feel uncomfortable praying in front of others. They can say a prayer in their hearts.

      5. The Case For A Morning Prayer

      Materials: none

      Level: Easy

      Time: 20 minutes or more

      Scripture: Matthew 5:44

      This activity uses an analogy to help children understand the benefit of praying in the morning.

      Explain to them that there are some days when we go to school and feel like we’re running on all cylinders. Then there are other days when we feel like we’re dragging our feet and can barely keep our eyes open.

      We need a good night’s sleep in order for us to be at the top of our game, mentally and physically (and spiritually).

      Our daily prayers help us start our day off right with God.

      When we talk with God every morning, it’s like resting our head on a pillow for eight hours before getting up to face the challenges of the day.

      Playing this game will help them see that they need their daily prayers (and time in church) if they want to be at their best every day.

      6. Prayer Charades

      Materials: none

      Level: Easy

      Time: 30 minutes

      Scripture: John 14:16

      Encourage the children to pray for those things that are weighing in their heart. Each child will have different life experiences.

      But remind them that we can find strength in praying for each other and serving those around us.

      To help them think of ways to pray for others, split the group into two teams.

      Have each team act out things they can pray over. For example, if the children are playing the game with their classmates, they could act out sleeping in class, getting assigned a long homework project, or not having any friends.

      These are all things that kids might worry about. If someone on the other team guesses correctly what’s being acted out, then that team gets one point.

      7. Hands Out and Heart Up

      Materials: none

      Level: Easy

      Time: 20 minutes or more

      Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:20

      Explain to the children that God is always with them, even when they can’t feel Him. He’s like a friend we can lean on and depend upon all of the time.

      When we pray, we’re talking to the friend we can always count on.

      Playing this game will help them understand and remember in a fun way that God is with them when they pray.

      Divide the children into pairs or groups of three. Have each person sit down on their knees and then hold up two fists, with one open palm facing up between the two fists.

      The first child will say a prayer. After they’re finished, have them place one of their hands on the open palm of the child who’s praying next.

      That way, God can be represented as being between those praying. Then tell them to switch roles and have each person pray again using the same method you explained above.

      8. Count Your Blessings Group Game

      Materials: paper, pens, pencils, scissors, and glue

      Level: Medium

      Time: 30 minutes

      Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 3:10

      For this activity have your children draw pictures of the blessings God has put into their lives.

      They can include friends, family members, pets, talents, or anything that comes into these children’s hearts.

      After they have drawn their blessings, they can cut them out and put them on a board to remember them. Invite each of them to pray and thank God for the blessings He has given them.

      9. Faith in Rhythm

      Materials: songs (whether through a CD player, laptop, or smart phone)

      Level: Medium to Advanced

      Time: 30 minutes or more

      Scripture: Acts 14:23

      The focus of this game is teaching children what God’s will is for them, their lives, and the future can look like if they make good choices.

      Explain to the children that you’re going to play a song. But while you’re playing, they’ll need to listen closely and pick up on the beat.

      This is best done when you play the first few seconds of a song and give them time to think about the melody.

      Once they hear the beat, they can sing some words that go along with the song.

      Explain to them that each song has a specific beat, just like there are certain truths God wants for their lives.

      In other words, God wants them to make good choices and listen to Him.

      Finish the game by praying together and thanking God for speaking to us through His word!

      10. Balloon Darts

      Materials: balloons, dart board, dart, paper, pencils

      Level: Easy

      Time: 30 minutes

      Scripture: Ephesians 6:18

      Invite the children to write down their prayer requests on slips of paper. Each piece should go into a balloon, which will be blown and placed on a dart board.

      Once there’s a handful of balloons on the dartboard have the children try to pop one balloon at a time.

      After a balloon is popped, pick up the prayer request you’ll find on the floor and pray together before trying to pop another balloon.

      Prayer topics for prayer meeting. Little boy praying.

      Prayer Icebreaker Games

      These games are great for helping children learn more about God, especially if they don’t feel comfortable praying or are just starting to develop a relationship with their Father in Heaven.

      1. Heroes

      Materials: none

      Level: Easy

      Time: 15 minutes

      Scripture: James 5:15-16

      As the children or youth to name three heroes in their lives.

      These can be people they look up to for guidance and support, family members, friends, or someone else they might have in mind.

      Invite them to pray for these individuals and ask God’s blessings to be with them.

      2. The M&M Challenge

      Materials: M&Ms

      Level: Easy

      Time: 20 minutes

      Scripture: Philippians 1:4, 19

      Each child needs a small bag of M&Ms. Each color is going to be assigned a prayer.

      For example, when they pull a red M&M from their bag, they can pray and thank God for their blessings.

      A blue M&M could represent people they want to pray for, green M&Ms could be trials they will ask God for help, and so on.

      Remind these children that there are different prayers we can offer to Heavenly Father, but He loves to hear from us.

      3. Circle of Prayer

      Materials: none

      Level: Easy

      Time: 20 minutes or more

      Scripture: Romans 10:1

      One at a time, have the children come to the center of the room.

      Invite them to share three things they are thankful for with their peers and go back to their seat.

      After everyone has done this once, invite them to individually pray and express gratitude for the many blessings God has given to them.

      4. Mystery Bag

      Materials: gift bag, scraps of paper with prayers written on them (one for each child)

      Level: Easy

      Time: 30 minutes or more

      Scripture: Philippians 4:6

      Prepare these notes beforehand and place one in the gift bag for every child.

      When you’re ready, have each child reach into the bag to pull out a prayer request.

      Read them aloud and invite them to pray for their peers one at a time.

      After everyone has prayed, invite the children to talk about what they prayed for or how it made them feel that God cares about their needs.

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        5. Your Prayers In Pictures

        Materials: magazines, glue, paper, pen

        Level: Easy

        Time: 30 minutes

        Scripture: Ephesians 6:18

        Share with the children that God knows what’s in our hearts before we pray.

        He cares about our hopes, dreams, fears, and frustrations.

        Invite the children to write their favorite Bible verse about prayer on their sheets of paper.

        Then cut pictures or words out of magazines to glue around the verse to help them remember their blessings.

        You can invite them to share with others in the group some of the things they’re grateful for and why the scripture they selected is special to them.

        6. Prayer Box

        Materials: shoe box, index cards, pen

        Level: Easy

        Time: 30 minutes

        Scripture: 2 Corinthians 9:14

        Write out a prayer to God and place it in the shoe box.

        Pray about the same request to God and ask Him to answer your prayer during Bible time or before naptime.

        Have the child write down the answer they received on an index card and place it in the box.

        7. Prayer Chain

        Materials: pen, paper

        Level: Easy

        Time: 30 minutes

        Scripture: Colossians 4:2, 12

        Give each child or youth a piece of paper and tell them to write down three things they love about God.

        When everyone is finished, ask the children to pass their papers one at a time to the person next to them.

        Put all these messages together and form a long paper prayer chain.

        Invite them to remember that God loves them too and loves to hear them pray.

        8. Starburst Exchange

        Materials: Starburst candy

        Level: Easy

        Time: 20 minutes

        Scripture: Philemon 1:4, 22

        You’ll want to buy a large bag of Starbursts (or another type of prewrapped candy) and give each person 10-15 pieces.

        Then say something you’ve prayed for. For example, “I pray for my family,” or “I pray for our country.”

        Then everyone who has offered a prayer on the same topic “pays” one Starburst.

        Keep playing until everyone runs out of Starburst. The goal is to help show the children that prayers can be said for a variety of topics.

        When everyone runs out of their candy, you can give them their Starbursts back to enjoy.

        9. Chart Your Life, Captain

        Materials: paper, pen

        Level: Easy

        Time: 20-30 minutes

        Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:5

        Give your group a pen and paper and have them draw a diagram of their life.

        They can draw what they’ve accomplished so far, which will include being born, attending school, possibly athletic or scholarly events.

        Then encourage them to map out what they want to accomplish in their life.

        Maybe they want to get married and start a family of their own, perhaps they’re hoping to attend school.

        They can also write down the trials they’ve experienced in life as well.

        You can encourage them to pray and for themselves now and for their future goals. God wants us to pray for our success and His help during our trials.

        10. Blanket Prayer

        Materials: blanket, camping supplies, flashlight

        Level: Moderate

        Time: 30+ minutes

        Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:5

        Gather your group and divide them into two teams. Your goal is for both sides to use a flashlight (if needed) and a blanket to create a tent, without speaking.

        While one side is praying in silence, the others are attempting to build themselves a tent without communicating with each other.

        After your time limit is up, everyone switches sides so both teams have had an opportunity to pray.

        You can share how it was for you to try and pray silently, or share what you learned about your silent partners.

        Preschool prayer games for children.

        Prayer Topics For Prayer Meeting

        There are a number of different topics children and youth can pray during their prayer meeting.

        Some of these things include,

        • God’s protection
        • God’s love
        • Helping others through God’s guidance
        • Prayer requests from friends and family
        • Other specific needs they have

        And more.

        Learning about prayer is important for kids and teens.

        The games we’ve discussed today are a great way to introduce the topic of prayer to your children or students in an entertaining, interactive way.

        If you have any questions on how these types of games can be used as tools for teaching your children Biblical truths, don’t hesitate to reach out!

        I’m happy to help where I can to help you teach your children all about why God’s word is important for their lives.

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