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Free Easter Story Printable For Sunday School Kids {10-Pages}

In all the excitement that comes with this Easter season, my favorite part is the chance this time of year gives us to share the Easter story with our children, both in Sunday School and in our home.

And this free Easter story printable is one of the many creative ways to share the story of Jesus’ suffering and resurrection.

free printable easter story for sunday school

Free Easter Story Printable For Sunday School Kids {10-Pages}

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Simply pick the activity pages that you want for your children and hit ‘Print’.

You can download your personal copy below:

10-Free Easter Coloring Pages

You can have 10 uniquely designed coloring pages sent straight to your inbox to help you tell the Easter story to your children.

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    Use This Printable Easter Story For Your Sunday School Class

    My children love coloring pages!

    In fact, who in your children’s ministry wouldn’t love a good coloring page?

    Because we need to be honest for just a minute.

    It’s hard to keep kid’s attention, especially during Bible lessons and trying to engage them with discussion questions.

    Simplicity is best when you’re teaching our littles the true meaning of Easter.

    And as Sunday school teachers, you can engage with your students by using these Easter coloring pages.

    The simple Bible verses on each page bring such beloved Bible stories to life.

    Plus, these coloring pages will help you to explain the story of Easter in an easy way that kids can understand.

    printable easter story for sunday school free

    What’s Included In This Easter Story For Primary Children

    You’ll find a variety of activity pages on different aspects of the Easter story including:

    • Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem
    • Bible people holding a palm leaf
    • The sacrament (or the last supper)
    • An angel strengthening Jesus during his suffering
    • The betrayal of Judas
    • Jesus’ crucifixion
    • Mary Magdalene
    • Body of Jesus, resurrected

    And more!

    easter story printable for sunday school free

    Knowing how to talk about death with small children can be a difficult conversation to have.

    But don’t shy away from Jesus’ death and resurrection.

    This printable Easter story for Sunday school kids is a great way to introduce these topics to your littles in a gentle way.

    Take the time to explain each of the pages, why Jesus had to suffer and die, and how he came back from death after three days.

    The Christian faith can be complex for our children to understand, but it is essential we share the Easter story with them.

    But after you download this printable Bible story, you’ll need some supplies to create a fun way for your children to learn God’s word.

    free easter sunday school lesson

    Materials You Need

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    free easter sunday school lessons printable

    How To Use This Easter Story Activity

    This Easter story activity is a great opportunity to help your child learn more about the true meaning of Easter.

    It’s easy and fun: all you need to do is read the scriptures you’ll find on each of the Easter themed pages and talk about what the resurrection of Jesus Christ means to you.

    You can ask your children questions like, “How did Jesus show kindness to all of God’s children?” or “How would you teach your friend about the resurrection story?”

    If you have younger children, you can just ask them to color the pictures anytime between Palm Sunday to Good Friday or resurrection Sunday.

    The real reason why I recommend using holy week is to teach your children in real-time the good news of the gospel story.

    Jesus loves them and died for them and rose again that they might have eternal life.

    10-Free Easter Coloring Pages

    You can have 10 uniquely designed coloring pages sent straight to your inbox to help you tell the Easter story to your children.

      We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at any time.

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      printable easter story for sunday school teachers free

      Just remember that Easter is all about celebrating Jesus and the new life he gives to all of God’s children.

      It’s remembering the crown of thorns and the cross, the suffering and sacrifice that Christ made for us.

      He led a perfect life and did no wrong, but yet still bore all the sins of the world so that we could be redeemed.

      As parents and teachers, let’s strive to make sure our children don’t miss out on such an integral part of the Easter season.

      There are countless ways to bring new life into memorizing and understanding the story of God’s divine love through Jesus in our personal Christian faith!

      story of easter printable for sunday school free

      So take some time this Easter season and dive in and share this post with those in your circle; you won’t regret it.

      Together, let us continue the tradition of sharing Easter with others, so that more and more may come to know of His amazing grace!

      I hope this Easter season will bring a renewed sense of joy and peace to your family as you remember Jesus’ gift of love and grace!

      Happy Easter!

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