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10 Free Must-Have Father’s Day Bible Lessons For Kids That Will Make Your Class Easier

I can’t lie – Father’s Day is bitter sweet for some families.

Some children are born into a home with a father who loves them. They learn about God’s truth, patience, hard work, and self-sufficiency.

And other children might come from a not-so perfect home.

We pray the Lord will lead father-figures to teach them the important role righteous men play in the lives of families.

And to help you with your Father’s Day bible lesson for kids on Sunday, you’ll find 10 unique lessons you can use.

10 Free Must-Have Father’s Day Bible Lessons For Kids That Will Make Your Class Easier

My goal is to give you a comprehensive guide with engaging and memorable Bible lessons tailored perfectly for kids.

Each Father’s Day lesson is designed to be fun, interactive, and spiritually enriching.

These lessons will help kids understand the significance of fatherhood and how it reflects God’s love for us.

Here are 10 free Father’s Day Bible lessons for kids that will make your teaching easier:

A man wearing a black cap and shirt joyfully lifts a smiling baby in a gray onesie. The background features green foliage and a blurred landscape, suggesting an outdoor setting. The baby looks directly at the camera with a cheerful expression, creating the perfect moment for a Father's Day bible lesson for kids.

Lesson 1: The Prodigal Son

Learning Objective: Understanding the concept of forgiveness and unconditional love.

Ideal Age Group: 5-10 years

Bible Story/Passage: Luke 15:11-32

Interactive Activity: Create a “Forgiveness Tree” where children write down ways they can show forgiveness on leaves and attach them to a paper tree.

Prayer: “Dear God, thank you for loving us no matter what. Help us to forgive others just like you’ve forgiven us. Amen.”

A man with short dark hair, wearing a gray sweater, is hugging a young boy with closed eyes. The boy, also with dark hair, is wearing a blue striped shirt and smiling contentedly with his eyes closed. They are indoors with blurred shelves in the background, perfect for a Father’s Day Bible lesson for kids.

Lesson 2: Joseph and His Father Jacob

Learning Objective: Learning about faithfulness and the bond between father and son.

Ideal Age Group: 6-12 years

Bible Story/Passage: Genesis 37-50

Interactive Activity: Kids can create “Coats of Many Colors” out of construction paper and talk about how Jacob showed his love for Joseph.

You can also share how Joseph was able to save his dad many years later in his life from a famine in the land. He brought all of his father’s household to Egypt.

Prayer: “Lord, help us to be faithful and loving like Joseph and Jacob. Bless our families and help us to always support one another. Amen.”

A man with a beard lies on a bed next to a young girl with curly hair holding an open book, preparing for a Father's Day Bible lesson. The man gestures upward, and they both look in the same direction. Pillows and a blanket surround them, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Lesson 3: Abraham and Isaac

Learning Objective: Trusting God’s plan even when it’s difficult.

Ideal Age Group: 7-12 years

Bible Story/Passage: Genesis 22:1-19

Interactive Activity: Have each of the children share something that would be hard to give to someone else. This might be a favorite baseball glove or a doll.

Explain Abraham prayed for a son for many years. And now the Lord was asking Abraham to give God his son. This made Abraham sad.

But Abraham loved God with all his heart. He was willing to do what God asked. And because he trusted God, an angel came and spared Isaac’s life.

Prayer: “Heavenly Father, help us to trust in your plans for our lives. Give us the courage to obey you, even when it’s hard. Amen.”

A father sits and reads a book to his young daughter on his lap. They are both smiling and looking at each other affectionately, as if sharing a special Father's Day Bible lesson for kids. The father is wearing a red polo shirt, and the daughter is in a blue dress with a white crochet vest. The background is bright with natural light.

Lesson 4: David and His Father Jesse

Learning Objective: Understanding the importance of humility and God’s selection.

Ideal Age Group: 5-10 years

Bible Story/Passage: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

Interactive Activity: Have children draw pictures of them and their dads (or father-figures) and discuss how God has chosen them for special purposes.

Prayer: “Dear God, thank you for choosing us for your special plans. Help us to be humble and ready to serve you. Amen.”

A bearded man in a beige shirt kneels on the grass, smiling warmly at a young boy holding a bat behind his back. The boy wears a blue-striped shirt and jeans. They are outdoors on a sunny Father's Day with lush green trees in the background, capturing a moment that could inspire any Bible lesson for kids.

Lesson 5: Moses and Jethro

Learning Objective: Learning the value of wise counsel from elders.

Ideal Age Group: 8-12 years

Bible Story/Passage: Exodus 18:1-27

Interactive Activity: Create a “Wisdom Wall” where children can write down wise advice they’ve received from their fathers or father figures.

Prayer: “Lord, thank you for the wisdom that fathers and elders share with us. Help us to listen and learn from them. Amen.”

Two people sit in a small boat fishing on a calm lake, enjoying a quiet Fathers Day. The water reflects the surrounding greenery and the colorful sunset sky. Trees and reeds line the shore, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere, perfect for sharing stories or even a Bible lesson for kids.

Lesson 6: Noah and His Sons

Learning Objective: Understanding obedience to God and teamwork.

Ideal Age Group: 6-10 years

Bible Story/Passage: Genesis 6:9-22

Interactive Activity: Build a small “ark” using craft sticks and discuss how Noah and his sons worked together to obey God’s command.

Prayer: “God, thank you for the example of Noah and his sons. Help us to work together in our own family and obey your commands. Amen.”

A man with dark hair and a beard, wearing a blue shirt, sits at a wooden table helping a young boy with light brown hair, who is holding a green marker. They are focused on an open notebook in front of them, engaging in a Father's Day Bible lesson for kids.

Lesson 7: Eli and Samuel

Learning Objective: Recognizing God’s voice and mentorship.

Ideal Age Group: 7-12 years

Bible Story/Passage: 1 Samuel 3:1-21

Interactive Activity: Safely blindfold one child while a second is the “voice of dad”. Have the blindfolded child cross the room while trying to listen to “dad”. You can have a handful of other kids shout out different instructions.

This activity will remind children to listen for God’s guidance in their lives.

Prayer: “Dear Lord, help us to recognize your voice and follow your guidance. Thank you for fathers, mentors, and friends who teach us about you. Amen.”

A man with a beard holds a smiling child on his lap. The child, wearing a yellow top, is playing with a wooden toy. They are sitting in a well-lit room with large windows in the background. Celebrating Father's Day, they both appear happy and engaged during the Bible lesson for kids.

Lesson 8: Jairus and His Daughter

Learning Objective: Experiencing faith and miracles through trust in Jesus.

Ideal Age Group: 5-10 years

Bible Story/Passage: Mark 5:21-43

Interactive Activity: Role-play the story and discuss the importance of faith in Jesus.

Teach them that a father’s love cannot be measured in money or stuff.

Jairus begged Jesus to save his daughter and did everything he could to bring about a miracle. Sometimes our prayers are answered in unexpected ways.

But our prayers are always heard and answered the way God needs them to be.

Prayer: “Heavenly Father, thank you for the miracles you perform in our lives. Help our dad’s to have faith like Jairus. Bless us to see the good works and miracles they do for our family because of their love. Amen.”

A man and a young boy share a high-five in a bright, modern bathroom. The boy sits on the countertop next to a sink, wearing a grey shirt and brown pants. The man, in a white striped shirt and jeans, stands beside him. Green plants decorate the space as they chat about their Father's Day Bible lesson for kids.

Lesson 9: The Parable of the Good Father

Learning Objective: Understanding God’s provision and care.

Ideal Age Group: 6-12 years

Bible Story/Passage: Matthew 7:9-11

Interactive Activity: Create a “Blessings Basket” where children draw blessings from their father, father-figure, or Heavenly Father.

Explain to the children they are God’s spiritual sons and daughters. He loves them very much and wants their happiness.

They can always turn to Him in prayer and He will bless them.

Prayer: “Lord, thank you for always providing for us and caring for our needs. Help us to trust in your goodness. Amen.”

A person wearing a red cape and a white garment stands on a grassy hilltop, gazing at a serene sunset over a body of water. The sky glows with warm hues of orange and yellow, creating a peaceful and reflective atmosphere reminiscent of a Father’s Day Bible lesson for kids.

Lesson 10: Jesus and His Heavenly Father

Learning Objective: Emulating the relationship between Jesus and God.

Ideal Age Group: 5-12 years

Bible Story/Passage: Select from various passages (e.g., Matthew 6:9-13, John 17)

Interactive Activity: Create a “Prayer Journal” where children can write or draw prayers to their Heavenly Father.

Prayer: “Dear God, help us to build a close relationship with you, just like Jesus did. Teach us to pray and stay connected to you. Amen.”

A man joyfully lifts a young boy, both smiling as they touch foreheads. They are outdoors near a pool with greenery in the background. The man wears a dark polka-dot shirt and a watch, while the boy is in a white T-shirt and blue shorts—a perfect moment for a Father's Day bible lesson for kids.

Additional Activities for Father’s Day Children’s Church

Obviously each lesson will last between 10-30 minutes. A lot depends on the age of your children and their involvement in the lesson.

If you need a few more ideas to add to your lesson, use one of these:

Final Thoughts on Father’s Day Bible Lessons for Kids

Father’s Day provides a wonderful opportunity to teach children about the biblical principles of love, guidance, and wisdom that are embodied by fathers and father figures.

By sharing these engaging lessons with your Sunday school class or family, you can help your children develop a deeper understanding of the significant role fathers play.

Both in their lives and within the context of their faith.

We’d love to hear how these lessons impacted your Father’s Day celebrations. Feel free to share your experiences and any additional ideas in the comments below.

And happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads and spiritual leaders out there!

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