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Top 123 Fall Trivia Questions & Answers For Kids In 2024


It’s that time of year again where the leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the little ones are back in school—Fall is officially here!

With a new season comes new activities and games to play, so why not brush up on some fun Fall trivia questions and answers for kids?

You can use these fun questions for your next trivia night and share a fun fact or two your kids.

Whether you’re a parent looking to entertain your little ones on the weekend or a teacher in search of a new classroom activity, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for Fall trivia.

So, let’s get to it!

A group of young kids laying down in the fall leaves.

Top 123 Fall Trivia Questions & Answers For Kids In 2024

You’ll find a variety of autumn trivia questions and their correct answers below.

The good news is today parents and teachers can discover a fun way to get kids excited about Fall with the help of these trivia questions.

It’s the perfect way to kick off the first day of fall.

Be sure to share this list of trivia questions with a friend, so they can test their general knowledge and critical thinking skills this autumn.

trivia questions about the fall season

Trivia Questions About The Fall Season

1. What is another name for Fall?

Answer: Autumn 

2. What day marks the very beginning of Fall?

Answer: September 22nd

3 What is the official name of fall/autumn?

Answer: Autumnal Equinox

4. What is the symbolic meaning of Fall?

Answer: The change of season symbolizes new beginnings, transition and transformation.

5. Why is autumn typically called fall in the USA?

Answer: The term “fall” was first used in the 16th century to describe the season between summer and winter. It is believed that this term was derived from an Old English word meaning “to fall from a height,” likely referring to falling leaves.

6. What does the start of Fall mark the start of in the Southern Hemisphere of the world?

Answer: Spring

7. What four colors are commonly found and associated with fall?

Answer: Red, orange, yellow and brown are popular colors in the Fall.

8. What are the three months of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere?

Answer: The three months of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere are September, October and November.

9. What month does daylight saving time end?

Answer: November

10. What time change takes place when daylight saving time ends?

Answer: the clocks “fall” back one hour.

thanksgiving fall trivia questions

Food Trivia Questions

11. What fruit is traditionally celebrated in the Fall?

Answer: Apples 

12. When was the first apple tree planted in the United States?

Answer: Sometime around 1630 in Massachusetts

13. What type of foods are traditionally eaten during the Fall season?

Answer: Apples, pumpkins, and squash are all popular Fall foods that can be used in pies, soups, and many other recipes. Other popular Fall favorites include roasted nuts, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and root vegetables such as carrots and parsnips.  

14. What was the weight of the largest pumpkin pie ever made?

Answer: The largest pumpkin pie ever made weighed 3,699 pounds.

15. How much candy is spent on candy every Halloween?

Answer: An estimated $9 Billion!

16. What traditional dish is served on Thanksgiving?

Answer: Turkey is the most popular traditional dish served on Thanksgiving.

17. What is the most popular flavor of coffee in the fall?

Answer: Pumpkin spice latte is the most popular flavor of coffee in the fall. It typically combines cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice.

18. How much candy is bought for Halloween?

Answer: About 600 million pounds

19. What is the most popular Halloween candy?

Answer: M&M’s

20. Which state grows the most pumpkins?

Answer: Illinois produced the most pumpkins in the United States followed by Indiana, California, Texas and Michigan.

21. Name one popular sweet treat specially made during Halloween from the fall harvest.

Answer: Caramel apples.

22. How many seeds does a pumpkin have?

Answer: Around 500!

23. Name a food item that can be harvested in Autumn

Answer: Apples, pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes, cranberries, and onions are all commonly harvested in the autumn months.

fun fall trivia questions for kids

Fun Trivia Questions

24. What holiday is celebrated in the Fall?

Answer: Halloween

25. Where did Halloween come from?

Answer: Halloween can be traced back to an ancient Celtic festival, where they believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth on October 31st.

Whether your kids are terrified or thrilled by this knowledge, we promise it’ll be a learning experience!

26. What type of activities are typically done during Fall?

Answer: Activities such as apple picking, hayrides, visiting a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, making Jack O’ Lanterns, leaf collecting, hiking and camping are all popular Fall activities. Other seasonal favorites include corn mazes, festivals, bonfires and watching football.  

27. What is the popular fall holiday that is celebrated in November?

Answer: Thanksgiving. This holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and Canada.

28. What type of weather typically occurs during autumn?

Answer: Cooler temperatures, shorter days, and rainy weather are typical during the autumn season.

29. What is the traditional birthstone for individuals born in the fall?

Answer: The traditional birthstone for those born in the fall is opal or tourmaline.

hard fall trivia questions for kids

Hard Fall Trivia Questions

30. What can you do for good luck according to an old Fall tradition?

Answer: Catch a falling leaf.

31. According to a Journal of Consumer Research study, what type of movie is watched more in the fall?

Answer: Romantic movies

32. What autumn month is popular for giving birth than any other time in the year?

Answer: September

33. In what month does fall officially end in the Northern Hemisphere?

Answer: December 21

animal trivia questions for fall for kids

Animal Trivia Questions

34. What direction do birds begin to migrate in the Fall?

Answer: The majority of birds in the Northern Hemisphere migrate southward during the Fall season. They typically begin to migrate in late September and October, depending on species and weather patterns.

35. What do squirrels collect in the fall before they hibernate for the winter?

Answer: Nuts!

36. What type of nut does a squirrel store for winter?

Answer: Squirrels typically store acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, and beechnuts.

37. What is the incredible phenomenon where deer grow their antlers back in the fall?

Answer: Velvet shedding

38. What type of bird is commonly seen migrating in a “V” formation during the fall?

Answer: Geese.

39. What do animals do at this time of year?

Answer: A: Animals hunt for food for storage and prepare their nests for hibernation at this time of year.

40. What whale can grow up to 60 feet long and leap entirely out of the water?

Answer: The bowhead whale

sports trivia questions fall for kids

Sports Trivia Questions

41. What is the most popular Fall sport played in America?

Answer: Football

42. Name the longest-running motoring event that takes place during fall.

Answer: London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

43. What recognized games are in the Fall?

Answer: The Special Olympic Games are held every fall.

fall trivia questions about trees for kids

Fall Trivia Questions About Trees

44. What type of leaves typically fall off the trees in autumn?

Answer: Deciduous leaves, or leaves that are shed seasonally, usually turn from green to yellow, orange, red and brown. 

45. What is leaf peeping?

Answer: Leaf peeping is the activity of viewing and admiring the changing colors of fall foliage.

46. What area of the United States is popular for leaf peeping?

Answer: New England

47. What is the scientific name for falling leaves?

Answer: The scientific name for falling leaves is “abscission”.

48. What is the scientific name for the process by which leaves change color in the fall?

Answer: The scientific name for the process by which leaves change color in the fall is “senescence”.

49. Why do some trees not lose their leaves in the fall?

Answer: Some trees, such as evergreens, do not lose their leaves in the fall because they are adapted to living in colder climates and have evolved thicker and waxier leaves that can withstand cold temperatures.

50. Which month are fall leaves the most colorful?

Answer: October

51. When do leaves change their color in the Southern Hemisphere?

Answer: Between March-May

52. Which pigment decreases in the plants during autumn?

Answer: Chlorophyll.

53. The leaves of red maples change to ___?

Answer: Red

54. The leaves of sugar maples change to __?

Answer: Orange-red

55. The leaves of aspens change to __?

Answer: Golden

56. The leaves of oak change to __?

Answer: Brown or red

57. How do trees get their orange color from?

Answer: Trees get their orange color from carotene.

fall trivia questions for kids

More Fall Trivia Questions For Kids

58. Why do some people refer to fall as ‘harvest time’?

Answer: Fall is referred to as ‘harvest time’ because it is the season when farmers traditionally harvest their crops such as apples and pumpkins.

59. What is the famous autumn festival celebrated in Germany?

Answer: Oktoberfest

60. In Greek mythology, which goddess is often associated with the fall harvest?

Answer: Demeter

61. Which zodiac signs fall under the autumn season?

Answer: Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius

62. Which Edgar Allan Poe short story has a reference to fall in its title?

Answer: “The Fall of the House of Usher.”

63. Which famous poem by Robert Frost describes a walk in the woods on a fall day?

Answer: “The Road Not Taken”

64. In China, what traditional festival is celebrated in the fall to give thanks for the harvest?

Answer: The Mid-Autumn Festival

65. Which vitamin is produced by the body when it’s exposed to sunlight, something that decreases in the fall?

Answer: Vitamin D.

66. Which famous fall marathon takes place in New York City?

Answer: The New York City Marathon.

67. What traditional holiday falls on the first day of autumn in Japan?

Answer: Respect for the aged day.

68. In The US, what is the name of the day after Thanksgiving?

Answer: Black Friday.

69. In literature, what does the fall season often symbolize?

Answer: The fall season is often used to symbolize endings and change. It is a time of transition, often associated with death or sadness.

70. What is the fear of Halloween called?

Answer: Samhainophobia.

71. Which U.S. President made Thanksgiving an annual holiday in the USA?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

72. How long have Americans been trick or treating?

Answer: Nearly 100 years!

73. What is the most popular Halloween costume every year?

Answer: A witch

74. What year did Thanksgiving become an official national holiday?

Answer: 1941

75. How long does it take to inflate a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon?

Answer: 90 minutes!

76. Which founding father wanted a turkey to be the national bird of the US?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin

77. What happens on Autumn Equinox?

Answer: The number of hours of daylight and darkness is equal.

78. When does Autumn Equinox happen in the southern hemisphere?

Answer: March 21st

79. When does autumn end in Northern Hemisphere?

Answer: It ends with the Winter solstice on December 21st.

80. When does autumn end in Southern Hemisphere?

Answer: June 21st.

81. The full moon closest to Autumn Equinox is called___?

Answer: Harvest Moon.

82. What is the origin of the word autumn?

Answer: It comes from the Latin word ‘autumns’, which comes from ‘augere’, which means to increase.

83. Fall is also called an aurora season. True or False?

Answer: True

84. Name two festivals celebrated during the fall season.

Answer: Thanksgiving and Sukkot are the two festivals celebrated during fall.

85. Is it true that the people born during the fall season are likely to live longer?

Answer: Yes

86. According to Greek mythology, fall begins when this Goddess returns to Hades causing her mother to allow the crops on earth to die until her daughter is returned in the spring. Who is this Goddess?

Answer: Persephone.

87. Why were Jack-O-Lanterns introduced?

Answer: Jack-O-Lanterns were introduced to scare off evil spirits during Halloween

88. Pumpkin got its name from ‘Pepon’ which means large melon. True or false?

Answer: True

89. The word autumn is preferred to fall in Great Britain. True or False?

Answer: True

90. Name one country which doesn’t get to experience fall throughout the year?

Answer: Brazil doesn’t get to experience fall throughout the year

91. Which colorful phenomenon is visible during fall?

Answer: The Aurora Borealis.

92. Which insect migrates from the US to Mexico?

Answer: Monarch Butterflies.

93. Name the Buddhist celebration of cleansing the spirit from bad luck by sending lanterns to Buddha, that takes place in fall.

Answer: Yi Peng Lantern Festival.

94. When does the famous Halloween Parade of New York take place?

Answer: On 31 October from 7:00pm onwards

95. Name the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every fall.

Answer: Diwali.

96. What is the most popular type of apple eaten during fall?

Answer: The Granny Smith Apple.

97. Name an activity that people enjoy during the fall season.

Answer: Apple picking, hay rides, pumpkin carving, camping, and hiking are all popular activities enjoyed during the fall season.

98. Which festival marks the Jewish new year, it falls in the autumn?

Answer: Rosh Hashanah.

99. True or False: Thanksgiving is celebrated in both Canada and the US but in different months

Answer: True

100. Historically, what the Fall was called ___________?

Answer: Harvest

101. Why is the Fall historically called Harvest?

Answer: Because of the “harvest moon” that occurs close to the autumn equinox.

102. What happens when the northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun??

Answer: The Earth gets warmer.

103. What the researchers have found is due to a lack of vitamin D because of the Sun’s distance?

Answer: It reduces fat breakdown and triggers fat storage.

104. What are the causes of Fall colors?

Answer: The amount of sugar in the tree’s leaves.

105. How the color controls the Fall?

Answer: The redder the leaf, the more sugar that leaf is storing. That is why Maple trees are so vibrant.

106. What are the traits of overall Fall born babies?

Answer: Children born in the fall are statistically better students and live longer.

107. What is the short-term heat in autumn called?

Answer: “Indian summer” happens almost every year.

108. When was the corn maze invented?

Answer: The first modern corn maze was invented in 1993 in Annville, Pennsylvania.

109. What part of the human body produces vitamin D?

Answer: The skin. Vitamin D is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

110. True/False Each planet in our solar system has seasons?

Answer: True.

111. What is the largest ocean in the world?

Annswer: The Pacific Ocean. It covers about 30% of the Earth’s surface and is larger than all of the land area combined.

112. What is the name of Harry Potter and his friend’s favorite drink?

Answer: Butterbeer!

113. What is the name of the toy cowboy in a famous Disney movie?

Answer: Woody in Toy Story.

114. What important event happened on  9 November 1989?

Answer: The Berlin Wall fell down.

115. What is the fastest land animal in the world?

Answer: The cheetah is the fastest land animal, reaching speeds of up to 75 mph.

116. What is the largest planet in the Solar System?

Answer: Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System, with a diameter of about 88,846 miles.

117. What is the boiling point of water?

Answer: The boiling point of water is 212°F (100°C).

118. What is the tallest mountain in the world?

Answer: The highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest, located on the border between Tibet and Nepal. Its peak rises to an elevation of 8,848 meters (29,029 feet) above sea level.

119. Can you name all the Great Lakes in North America?

Answer: The five Great Lakes of North America are Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

120. What is the name of a group of stars that form a recognizable pattern?

Answer: A constellation is a group of stars that form a recognizable pattern. Some well-known constellations include Orion, Ursa Major, and the Big Dipper.

121. Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, in 1932.

122. Who was the first country to reach the South Pole?

Answer: The first country to reach the South Pole was Norway, with explorer Roald Amundsen arriving in 1911.

123. What candy has causes the most fights in a relationship with family members?

Answer: Candy corn

These easy trivia questions are a great way to spend your next family game night.

Go ahead and skip the usual Disney movies you binge, and instead have your family members circle around the dinner table and bond over some fall-related trivia questions for kids.

You may even get a few laughs out of it.

And bonus points if you can answer all the hard trivia questions correctly!

Good luck, and have fun!


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