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10 Top Tips for Reading Scriptures with Kids

Are you looking for ways to get your kids interested in reading scriptures?

Scripture reading can be fun and full of learning opportunities for kids if you approach it the right way.

Here are 10 top tips to help get them engaged and excited about scripture study!

This guest article was written by Angela Milnes, a qualified teacher and Blogger at The Instant Pot Table

1. Start early to encourage your kids in reading the scriptures

The earlier you start reading scriptures with your kids, the more likely they are to develop a love for it.

If you can, start when they’re young – even toddlerhood is a great time to begin!

2. Make it a daily habit

Try to set aside some time each day to read scriptures together.

This will help make it a regular part of your child’s day and routine.

3. Let them choose which scriptures to read

Giving your child some control over what they’re reading can help increase their interest and motivation.

Ask them which stories or verses they want to read about today.

You can give them a few fun ideas such as learning about the fruits of the spirit (and use this free printable) or Daniel and the lions den (with this printable).

4. Take turns reading aloud

Mix things up by taking turns reading aloud with your kids.

This way they can both listen and follow along with the story.

Taking in turns to read scripture passages can help break up versus and make it easier for kids to take in. 

5. Discuss what you’re reading in God’s word

After reading a few verses or chapters together, take some time to discuss what you’ve just read.

Ask questions about the characters, events, and themes in the scriptures.

This will help your kids better understand and remember what they’ve read.

6. Act out your favorite scripture stories

Another great way to bring the scriptures to life is by acting out the stories together!

You can use props and costumes, or simply use your imagination.

This is especially fun for younger children who love role play and dressing up.

7. Draw or paint scenes from the scriptures

Encourage your kids to be creative by having them draw or paint scenes from the scriptures.

They can illustrate their favorite stories or verses, or depict how they imagine the characters and settings looked like.

You could make a fun Noah’s ark themed craft or try painting the  sunset on the Mount of Olives.

8. Have family scripture study night

Make it a special event by having a designated night each week for family scripture study night!

Pop some popcorn, turn off all electronics, and snuggle up together with your Bibles or other scriptures open.

You could even do a themed activity related to what you’re studying that night (for example, if you’re learning about Moses parting the Red Sea, you could have everyone make their own “sea” out of construction paper).

Bonus tip: this is also a great opportunity for family members who don’t usually participate in scripture study to join in and feel involved too!   

9. Listen to audio recordings

If sitting down and reading together isn’t working out too well, try listening to audio recordings of the scriptures instead!

You can find audio scriptures online – just make sure you read just a few passages at a time or that the scriptures are age-appropriate for your children (for example, there are specific recordings of the Children’s Bible that little ones will love).      

10 Make it fun!

Finally, don’t forget to make it fun!

Add in plenty of laughs, smiles, and silliness while you’re reading together – after all, that’s part of what makes being a kid so great.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have tons of success as you explore the scriptures with your kids!

Just remember – keep it fun, interactive, and engaging, and everyone will enjoy it immensely.”

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to have success in reading scriptures with your kids! Just remember – keep it fun by making it interactive and engaging!”

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  1. Myrna

    Great tips, thanks for sharing! We practice a few, but are currently loving audio, specially songs in the car.

    1. Music for the win! There’s something soothing about good music and the beautiful spirit it brings.

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