Trying to Find Spiritual Fulfillment on a Hectic Mom Schedule? Try This!


Trying to find spiritual fulfillment while meeting the demands of a hectic mom schedule doesn’t have to be a struggle. With these 5 practical tips, you can renew your faith in God as you reach heavenward. Continue reading to discover how you can find spiritual fulfillment in your crazy mom life, today.

Trying to find spiritual fulfillment while meeting the demands of a hectic mom schedule doesn't have to be a struggle. With these 5 practical tips, you can renew your faith in God as you reach heavenward. Click to read and discover how you can find spiritual fulfillment in your crazy mom life, today. #faith #christianmom

You hear something crash and break in the background as you chase your toddler around the house, trying to convince her that wearing clothes is a cool thing to do.

Your older-ish children are doing what they can to get themselves ready for the day. This usually involves standing around aimlessly, staring at bits of wall, and annoying their siblings.

(When are they going to get dressed for the day?)

By the time breakfast is devoured, children are sent to school, and there’s a moment when you think, “maybe it’ll be a quiet day…” you laugh a little inside. Who are you kidding?

When is the mom life ever quiet!?

And by the time the kids are tucked safely in bed, you’re exhausted and the last thing you want to do is…well, anything.

I don’t blame you.

As a mother to young children (three under 5) your autopilot feelings and mood is that of, “I’m tired.”

Don’t misunderstand, motherhood is wonderful, beautiful, challenging, and sometimes a bit hair-pulling. But this doesn’t mean that these little ones and this calling aren’t going to demand the very best out of us.

Motherhood is a calling where we partner with our Father in Heaven. We are primarily responsible for the nurturing and spiritual instruction of our children.

So, how are we going to teach our children about faith when we can’t even find spiritual fulfillment ourselves in our hectic mom schedule?

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that there are 5 practical tips you can begin doing to help grow your faith.

No matter what anyone tells you, being a stay at home mom is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs out there. Being a stay-at-home mother is an unparalleled experience, and these 50 inspirational stay at home mom quotes will provide you with the hope and respite from the beautiful and blessed chaos we call home and family.

Trying to Find Spiritual Fulfillment on a Hectic Mom Schedule? Try This!

1. Social Media Followings

I want you to be honest in your answer: for as much time as you spend chasing your children, how often do you find yourself on your phone? How often are you on websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc?

And please know that it’s not a bad thing to be on your phone while taking care of your little kiddos. Phone use with children is a whole other conversation we can have.

But, I want you to use your social media to help strengthen your faith in God.

The first thing you’ll want to do is look at who you follow on each platform. Do you follow your home church and their social media accounts? Are you following spiritually uplifting organizations who preach God’s word?

It’s so easy to lose ourselves in distraction as we scroll through our news feeds.

Let’s give ourselves something worthwhile and spiritually uplifting for each time you find yourself on your favorite social media page.

2. Be Selective in the Books you Read

Mom life doesn’t give us much time to read. Heck, we are lucky to read a page a month.

But, for the one page in your one book, where are you going to spend your time?

Be selective in the books you read, and read only those things that will uplift, edify, and spiritually build you up.

God’s word in the scriptures is a great place to start.

3. Always Take Time to Pray

Just as you would not neglect your physical health or the health of your children, you don’t want to neglect your spiritual health.

Our challenge in being a mother is to create a home where the storms of life stop at the door. We want to create a home where the Spirit of the Lord can dwell and peace can be felt. (Even with everything crazy happening inside and outside our home).

And who better to help us create this beautiful home and environment than the Father.

I know that as you take the time to pray, both morning and night, that God will draw closer to you and your mother eyes will be enlighted so you can help bless your little ones.

4. Attend Church on Sunday

One of the greatest events of our week is going to church together as a family.

Are my children reverent little angels? Good heavens no!

A few Sunday’s ago our youngest decided to sing himself a rendition of a rock song by repeating the words, “Hi Daddy!” to the entire congregation. And no matter how many binkies we put in his mouth, he would pull them out and start the song over.

(Taking him to the hallway didn’t help either. He started planning with other toddlers to teach them his little “song” as well).

Taking time out of your day to attend church as a family will require a sacrifice of time. You’re giving to the Lord time that you could be spending in other activities.

But I promise this is something you can’t afford to miss.

Take the time to find yourself a church home and go together.

You will receive the spiritual nourishment you desperately need while giving your children the chance to hear God’s word. They will also be meeting others who have an understanding and faith in Jesus Christ.

There is so much good that can come from going to church.

5. Involve Your Kids

If you want your children to be spiritually strong as they get older, then you’ll need to start teaching them while they’re young.

You can do this by making the stories in the scriptures come to life! Teach them about Esther who had the courage to petition the king to save her people, even though she could have lost her life.

You can teach them about Daniel who was thrown into a pit of lions for praying.

Or Paul, who was shipwrecked while preaching God’s word, and yet he still held onto his faith in God.

And when you’re not telling your children the stories of God, you can involve them in service projects in your community.

You can help a neighbor or reach out to your local hospitals or nursing homes. Call these organizations and ask them what they and their residents need the most.

When you take the time to explain that you’re teaching your children about loving and serving others, very few groups will ever turn you away. There is always a need to be met, the opportunity you have is to find out what that need is and fulfill it.

As you take the time to review your social media following and follow those who share uplifting spiritual messages, be selective in the books you read, take time to pray, attend church on Sunday, and involve your children in serving others, you will begin to find spiritual fulfillment in your hectic mom schedule.

Remember, there are times and seasons for everything in our lives.

Our life before kids wasn’t being consumed by other people. If we needed a break then our circumstances would allow for us to step away.

But while our children are young and demand so much of our time, focus, and energy, it’s important to be wise in how we take care of our own spiritual needs while teaching our children how to cultivate their own faith.

What are some ways you take the time to feed your spirit and grow your faith? Share in the comments below!


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