25 Fun Indoor Activities for Children

Are those rainy days getting you and the children down? Or perhaps you want the little ones to spend some time inside? Instead of turning on the television consider one of these 25 fun indoor activities!

Do you need to find fun indoor activities for children? Instead of turning on the TV, here are 25 fun indoor activities for kids that they will love. Click to read the list and find your favorite one!

The best part: the majority of them are FREE! I know how difficult it can be to have so many little ones cooped up inside. Especially, when you have children who love to explore the outdoors, run around and have LOTS of energy to wiggle.

All of these activities my little ones and I have done (and they love them!) I hope yours do as well.

25 Fun Indoor Activities for Children

  1. Build a fort in the living room.
  2. Have a daytime sleepover party (get out the sleeping bags, pillows, etc.)
  3. Play hide-and-seek.
  4. Read a book.
  5. Bake cookies (I have found sugar cookies to be the best – and easiest – with kids).
  6. Build a tower out of blocks.
  7. Play dress-up.
  8. Write a story together.
  9. Write/draw a letter to grandparents.
  10. Draw a picture for Mom/Dad (or just because).
  11. Act out a play.
  12. Play “Simon Says.”
  13. Play “Mother May I?”
  14. Set up a race track with blocks and have a race with the toy cars.
  15. Blow bubbles.
  16. Blow up balloons and toss them in the air.
  17. Make play-doh.
  18. Play with the play-doh.
  19. Have a singing competition (karaoke anyone?)
  20. Pillow fight!
  21. Eat and enjoy an indoor picnic.
  22. Do a dance-off or have a dance party.
  23. Play animal guessing sounds with mom/dad making the animal noises.
  24. Play I Spy.
  25. Set up (and get through) an indoor obstacle course.

As you can see the activities on this list are cheap (or free), fun, and can easily be done. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you and your children have fun making wonderful memories together.

What games or other fun indoor activities do you and your children play? Leave a comment and let us know below.

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