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Top Easter Basket Ideas For 1 Year Old Kids in 2024

As a mom of 5 these Easter ideas for your 1 year-old will be the best Easter gifts your little girls and boys will ever have. And while your 1 year-old may not be able to participate in all the activities just yet, there are still plenty of ways to make their first Easter special.

And between you an me, the best part about these baby Easter basket gift ideas is not a single one involves sugar (you go ahead and keep all the jelly beans and chocolate eggs for yourself).

So get ready to hop into some fun and creative Easter activities for your little bunny.

You’ll find a complete breakdown of everything included on this list in our table of contents.

Top Easter Basket Ideas For 1 Year Old Kids in 2024

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A 1 year old sitting in the grass with an Easter basket filled with Easter eggs.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this list of ideas you can use for your 1 year-old’s Easter morning or their very first Easter egg hunt.

Toys and Activities for the Tiny Tot

At this age, play is the central pillar of learning and exploration.

A sensory fun Easter basket that prompts interaction and encourages development include:

Sensory balls and blocks

Colorful, lightweight, and perfect for enhancing coordination and sensory development. These toys can make a different sound, feel, or texture which will keep your little one engaged for hours. We love Jyusmile and Bobxin.

Musical instruments

Toddlers love fun items that make any sort of noise. It helps with their language and mental development. An early introduction to the symphony of sounds with kiddie instruments can include musical guitar and colorful xylophones.

Stacking toys

These not only spark joy in toppling over but also refine fine motor skills. Not all stacking toys are created equal. This one’s our favorite.

Shape sorters

My husband had a great idea when he took this toy out of the package, so our toddler could play and explore right away.

Shape sorters encourage cognitive growth and shape recognition, which makes a fun addition to your 1 year-old’s Easter basket.

Bath Toys

Bath toys are a great addition to your 1 year-old’s Easter basket for endless fun during bath time. These toys can include rubber duckies and even bath books!

Your little one will love exploring the water and staying clean at the same time.

A word of caution though before you purchase any bath toys: get ones that can be cleaned easily. The last thing you want is to find mold on the inside of your child’s favorite toy.

Play Dough

The best thing about play dough? It’s cheap and easy to make at home. Add some plastic cookie cutters for some extra fun.

These summer play dough mats are one of the many playful ways to encourage your little one’s creativity and fine motor skills.

Bubble Machine

Every single one of my children went absolutely wild for our bubble machine. They squealed with delight chasing and popping bubbles.

And it saved my breath quite a few times from having to constantly blow and get my hands sticky on a plastic wand.

Wooden Toys

Little hands love grasping, pushing, and pulling wooden toys. Their natural texture and weight add a new level of sensory exploration.

Finger Puppets

Whether your baby’s first Easter basket will have a Bluey theme, Paw Patrol, or different animals – finger puppets are always a win for young kids. They’re a fun way to introduce animals, sounds, counting, and role-playing.

Easter Crafts

There are so many pom poms or little crafts like foam stickers that you can put into their basket. Plus, it encourages creativity and fine motor skills! If you decide you want your kid to have an Easter craft, the rule to remember is simple is best.

Your older child might be able to help their younger sibling (which makes for some adorable photos), but if the idea of your 1 year-old with markers or glue makes you a little squirmy, then skip the crafts and keep reading.

A toddler eating a chew toy in the shape of a carrot while dressed as the Easter bunny.

Quick Snack Ideas For Little Kids

Most people expect Easter baskets to be full of chocolate bunnies and other sweet treats. With 1 year olds, the aim is on introducing new flavors and textures while maintaining healthfulness.

While family members may try to sneak your baby a taste of that Easter bunny chocolate, here are some better meal and snack ideas for the tiny tummies:

Fruit purees and homemade smoothies

These make for a delicious and nutritious treat while introducing new fruits.

Veggie straws or crackers

A perfect way to sneak in some veggies while satisfying their little crunch cravings.

Homemade applesauce

You can substitute sugar with cinnamon or other natural sweeteners to make this a healthy but tasty snack.

Yogurt drops

A great way to introduce dairy and also cool down those teething gums.

Organic fruit pouches

Convenient, delicious, and packed with beneficial nutrients.

Animal crackers

These timeless treats often hold a charm that transcends generations.

Micah Klug with 1 year old child and his Easter basket filled with eggs and ideas.

Practical and Useful Items – Because We’re Also Parents

Blink, and these little darlings outgrow their teeny frame. Each practical item in their basket is not just for the holiday but for the beautiful chaos of life.

Sippy cups or kiddie bottles

Easter can be the perfect time to introduce the joys of independent drinking. Toddlers are often encouraged to try new things and do different activities around holidays, so why not introduce them to a new sippy cup?

Snack containers

Perfect for on-the-go snacking and keeping snacks fresh throughout the day. Think of the great time you’ll have not worrying about another hangry-toddler break down.

Baby washcloth puppets

A clever dual-purpose item for bath time and playtime. Young children love seeing their parents play with them, and these washcloth puppets make for a fun bath time activity.

Bibs with funny sayings or cute animal designs

A charming addition to mealtime attire (let’s keep the baby chic on point!).

Seasonal clothing or swim gear

A clever way to weave in the Easter outfit or summer-ready essentials.

Stuffed Animal

Your baby’s Easter basket wouldn’t be complete without a cuddly companion to snuggle with. Plus, it may come in handy during those inevitable tantrums.

Sidewalk Chalk

The perfect age for sidewalk chalk is around 18-months, and it’s a great outdoor activity for hand-eye coordination and creativity. Plus, you can get in on the fun too!

Lego Duplo Set

If you’re a LEGO family, then your little boys and girls probably have been eyeing those tiny pieces for quite some time. The Duplo set is perfect for their hands and age, and it will keep them busy for hours of playtime.

Your littles will love the bright colors and fun characters included in each set.

Easter Books

There’s so many sensory friendly Easter books to introduce our children to textures, colors, and the beauty of Spring. These books also serve as a perfect bedtime story to wind down after an exciting day.

1 year old little boy dressed in an Easter Sunday outfit with Easter bunny ears on his head.

Personalized Touches – Making it Truly Theirs

The real magic in an Easter basket lies in the personal touch. This is a basket to welcome spring, enormous in its significance, and it deserves your unique flourish.

Monogrammed items

A sippy cup with their name, perhaps? Or a personalized bunny sweater?

Handmade treats or toys

There’s something special about a homemade gift that adds an extra layer of love to the basket.

Photos of loved ones or favorite characters

Add a photo of grandma and grandpa, or their beloved cartoon character to make them feel extra special.

Custom toy boxes

Their first treasure box, personalized with their name, ready to receive Easter spoils.

1 year old baby with bunny ears.

Selecting Safe and Age-Appropriate Easter Gifts

As a parent, it’s important your child’s Easter basket be age-appropriate and safe for them.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stands firm that any item designed for children under the age of three should be free from small parts or choking hazards. So, what gift ideas can safely be included in a 1-year-old’s Easter basket?

This list has some great Easter basket fillers that would make the perfect gift for kids of all ages (no small toys included):

Soft, non-toxic stuffed animals

Sometimes having a lovey or the perfect cuddly companion made from durable, chew-safe materials is the perfect addition to your family’s church bag for Easter Sunday.

There have been so many times where a silly or excited stuffed friend has helped turn our Sunday from grumpy to happy. It’s like having an instant buddy.

Large, plastic Easter eggs

I was so happy the day I found BIG plastic eggs for our younger children. They’re the perfect size for their tiny hands.

Big enough where they can’t choke or have a difficult time finding them through the house (or yard). And they’re big enough where their egg hunts don’t take forever.

Easter-themed board books

Our older kids have so much fun reading to their younger brothers and sisters. Board books are a nice alternative to the traditional paper pages (and they last so much longer).

They’re sturdy and perfect for little hands.


Who doesn’t love bubbles? They bring so much joy to children (and adults) of all ages.

Sometimes the best Easter basket ideas are the most simple ones. Plus, they’re easy to pack and take along for any outdoor activities or family gatherings.

BPA-free teething toys

Soothe those emerging chompers with bunny-shaped teething rings!

Adorable Bunny Ears Headband

Your favorite family photos will be ones where everyone is doing something silly, like wearing adorable stuffed bunny ears.

A great place to get these is the grocery store, but you can also order them online.

Coloring books and crayons

Coloring books are a classic Easter basket filler. They provide endless hours of entertainment and creativity for any age group.

And let’s be real, adults enjoy coloring too sometimes. It can be a great way to relax and unwind during the hectic holiday season. Make sure to include some non-toxic and washable crayons for mess-free coloring.

1 year old little girl with Easter bunny ear headband and a yellow Easter basket.

Crafting a Memorable Easter Basket

These great gift ideas will make your child’s Easter basket your favorite family Easter tradition. And you can’t go wrong with finding the right Easter gifts.

Your child will love whatever fun Easter activities or surprises you choose, and creating new Easter memories will be a cherished part of your family’s holiday celebrations.

But don’t feel limited to just these suggestions! Use your best judgment, based on the age and interests of your child. You can even add in some small gifts or snacks for your big kids.

Remember to also consider any dietary restrictions or allergies when choosing items for the basket. You can even include a personalized note from the Easter Bunny!

By the end of the day the perfect Easter gifts are rarely the ones where you spend a lot of money. They’re often the ones that bring a smile to your child’s face.

And with these ideas, you’re sure to create a memorable and enjoyable Easter basket for your little one.

Happy Easter.

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