5 Lessons Sons Can Only Learn From Their Mother


The relationship between mother and son is so important. The love shared and the lesson’s taught last a lifetime. There are 5 specific lessons a mother teaches her son.

The relationship between mother and son is so important. The love shared and the lesson's taught last a lifetime. There are 5 specific lessons a mother teaches her son. Click to read and see if your son is learning these things from you.

Ah, the relationship between mother and son.

Never in my life have I met someone who could fart on me one second and then wrap their tiny arms around my neck with snuggles and kisses, and make everything in life seem okay.

That is until I had a son.

You see, there are certain unspoken rules in a relationship between mother and son that are only shared between these two.

For example, both my boys are some of the craziest kids I’ve ever met (we’re talking mud, bugs…all the high-energy activities that boys love to do!) And yet, they have such a tender place in my mother heart.

They know how to push my buttons and then smile at me as if I’m the only person who matters.

And that’s a boy for you.

There is something beautiful in this relationship and it’s so important that these little men thrive and grow! There is so much that your son is learning from you.

And you’re the only one who can teach him these lessons.

5 Lessons Sons Can Only Learn From Their Mother

1. Tenderness

A son learns how to be tender from his mother.

There’s so much goodness and beauty in a boy who knows how to be tender to their surroundings and to the feelings of those around them.

This lesson doesn’t come naturally or easily to them.

Boys, by nature, would be happy in life just destroying things. If you don’t believe me, go talk to the 100 pieces of blocks our family picks up every evening before bedtime.

Or the pieces of paper my little man shreds during arts and crafts.

Boys and men by nature are a lot more aggressive than women. But mother’s help create a balance and teach their sons about tenderness, love, affection, and so much more.

These amazing boys begin to understand that it’s okay to show affection and that real men, REAL men think of others and are willing to understand those around them.

2. A Man’s Relationship With Women

Although husband’s do play a part in teaching their son’s how to treat other women, the mom also plays a significant role.

She is the first one who instructs her children in the home about good touch/bad touch, respect, what it means when a girl says, “no” and how to properly treat women.

Who better to learn how men need to act around women than by being taught by the mother.

Boys see first hand the relationship and the beautiful organization of the home as both mothers and fathers honorably fulfill their duties towards each other and the family.

They see firsthand how Dad helps Mom in the kitchen and Mom expressing her thoughts and viewpoints about an important family decision.

3. How To Respectfully Treat A Lady

A mother will be the first to correct her son’s sass and attitude when ( – not if – ) this develops.

I saw this firsthand by one of the kindest women I have met. Her six-year-old son came into the room and said a “naughty word” next to another woman in the room.

This boy didn’t think his mother heard and tried to cover his mistake with a cough, but we all know mothers have eyes in the back of their heads and ears in many places.

She was the first to quickly correct him out of love but did so in a way where he was humbled by the choice he made.

The boy apologized to the lady and after that day, he was one of the most respectful young kids I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, clean language and all.

A mother who is willing to teach her son how to be a gentleman is a mother who is affecting not only his life, but his future wife, and her future grandchildren.

4. Expressing Emotions In A Healthy Manner

I always thought that I cried more after I had children.

And it’s true, I cry a lot more as a mother then I did prior to having my little band of crazy pirates.

But as a mother, expressing our emotions in a healthy manner is a perfect example for teaching our sons how to do the same.

Your son learns from you that it’s okay to cry and express how you’re feeling. It’s perfectly okay to be sad, angry, happy, or even scared.

As a mother, you teach your son that expressing his emotions is part of who he is and that this is part of him that needs to be shared.

The relationship between mother and son allows for these opportunities because mother’s do an amazing job at asking, “How are you feeling? Do you feel scared because of… Or, are you sad that…”

5. Seeing The World Through Another’s Eyes

Mother’s do an amazing job at including their children in the world around them with everything that’s going on.

A mother is the first to show love to their family, share how they are feeling, and in turn, their son quickly learns that their choices affect other people.

Your son learns about the beauty of a flower because you took the time to walk with him in the garden. He’s able to explore and watch the different bugs on the ground and even ask questions about things around him.

Mother, as you take time to teach your son tenderness, about his relationship with women and how to respectfully treat a lady, as you teach him how to express his emotions, and see the world through another’s eyes, you’ll begin to change his life and the lives of so many others.

Don’t ever think that you aren’t doing a good job.

Believe me, I completely understand when there are days when you feel like banging your head against the wall because you’re stressed, you’re tired, you haven’t been alone for more than 3 minutes (and even then you weren’t alone), and you can’t remember the last time you ate a warm meal.

I understand.

And for those of you who have that “impossible” child – you know, the one who never seems to be listening, who purposefully goes out of his way to make life even more difficult (yea, that one).

All I can say is hang in there a little longer and don’t give up.

I’ve seen for myself that those boys are listening so closely, although their actions are not showing such. All you can do is keep being patient with them and pray.

If you can do those two things then one day your son will call you blessed, because you are a queen among women. You never gave up on him.

And you never will.

What do you do to strengthen your relationship with your son? What lesson’s do you teach him? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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  1. Doris Kistenmacher

    Nice created a visual. Prctical thoughtful even flowing methods . Every Mother needs to keep in mind that her children emulate her forever. “Minnie Me”
    Mothers are the foundation for each child’s life.
    Thank you for caring…We need reminders all through our lives.

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