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83 Happy Mothers Day Quotes For Your Aunt In 2024


Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate the women in our lives who have loved and nurtured us.

And while mothers are often the focus of the day, let’s not forget about the other special women in our lives who also fill the role of a mom – our aunts.

83 Happy Mothers Day Quotes For Your Best Aunt In 2024

Aunts have a special place in our hearts, and on this Mother’s Day, let’s show them how much we appreciate and love them with some heartfelt and beautiful quotes.

An aunt with her niece and nephew sitting next to her.

Happy Mother’s Day Quotes For Your Aunt

1 – “Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful aunt. You have been like a mother to me and I treasure all the times we have spent together. Know that I am thinking fondly of you today!”

2 – “An aunt is a safe haven for a child. Someone who will keep your secrets and is always on your side.” – Sara Sheridan

aunt happy mothers day quotes

3 – “My aunt has been like a mom to me, always showing love and support throughout my life. Happy Mother’s Day!”

4 – “An aunt is like a second mother who is always there to provide advice and tirelessly give her unconditional love. I’m so blessed to have you in my life!”

5 – “Dear aunt, your love and care have been a beacon in my life, Auntie. Happy Mother’s Day to the best aunt ever!”

aunt mothers day messages

5 – “No matter what I go through, you will always be there for me like a second mother. You mean so much to me! Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt!”

6 – “Thank you for being the amazing aunt and mother figure that I can talk to about anything. Wishing you a wonderful celebration this Mother’s Day.”

7 – “You are my best friend and favorite aunt. I am so thankful for all that you have done for me and my family. Happy Mother’s Day!”

aunt happy mothers day messages

8 – “Happy Mother’s Day to the best aunt in the world! You deserve a day of relaxation and pampering. Thank you for all the love you share with all the family members. You truly are special.”

9 – “May you be blessed on this special day. You are the light of our family and always provide love and support to all of us. Happy Mothers Day to a wonderful aunt!

10 – “Your love has been such a blessing to us, auntie! You’re like a second mother with an extra measure of fun thrown in. Wishing you a blessed Mother’s Day and warm wishes this year.

aunt mothers day wishes

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes Your Aunt Will Love

11 – “An aunt is someone so special, there should be a special day just for her. But since that’s not the case, I am sending you lots of love and affection on this Mother’s Day.”

12 – “Aunties are the ones who spoil us with treats, comfort us when we cry, and make us laugh when we are down. Thank you for being such an amazing aunt! Happy Mother’s Day!”

aunt happy mothers day wishes

13 – “I wish you all the love and happiness in the world on this special day, Auntie. You have been a source of strength and support to me since I was little. With lots of love on Mother’s Day.”

14 – “You share love with others and I am so grateful for that. On this day and all days, you should know how much I appreciate and love you! Happy Mother’s Day, Aunty!”

happy mothers day for aunt

15 – “Aunty, thank you for teaching me the value of hard work and perseverance. You have given me so many beautiful memories to cherish. I hope you have an amazing day today!”

16 – “Dearest aunt, you are a source of strength and joy for our family. You have taught us so much about love and care. Wishing you the most beautiful Mother’s Day!”

17 – “Happy Mother’s Day to my aunt! May this day be filled with lots of joy and happiness! I hope all your wishes come true!”

aunt mothers day quotes

18 – “My love for you is so special that I can’t express it in words. You have been like a mother to me and I will always be thankful for your unconditional love. Happy Mother’s Day, Aunt!”

19 – “May God bless you with all the happiness in the world on this special day. You are a wonderful mother, my second mom, and a blessing to our family, Auntie. Happy Mother’s Day!”

20 – “Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely aunt! You have been such an important part of my life and I wouldn’t know what to do without your support and guidance. Thank you for everything and I wish you a beautiful day full of joy!”

sweet mothers day quote for your aunt

Sweet Mother’s Day Quote For Your Aunt

21 – “You are the best aunt I could have asked for and I am so glad to be your niece. I love you so much and hope you have a beautiful mother’s day.”

22 – “Aunt: A cherished friend and personal cheerleader who will always see you through rose-colored glasses.”

23 – “One of the greatest gifts I ever received was the gift of having an aunt like you. I hope you have a special mother’s day.”

sweet mothers day messages for your aunt

24 – “No matter what life throws at us, your love is always making everything better. Wishing you a great Mother’s Day and special wishes on this beautiful day, Auntie!”

25 – “You are the most amazing aunt in the world and I will always be grateful for your pure love and guiding light. Happy Mother’s Day and I hope you have a beautiful day!”

sweet mothers day wishes for your aunt

26 – “You are the most loving and caring aunt ever! I am so lucky to have an aunt like you in my life. Thank you for your constant presence in my most difficult times. Wishing you a wonderful day full of joy!”

27 – “Your warmth, kindness and affection has been a source of joy for me. You have been an amazing aunt, friend and guide all along. Happy mother’s day, Auntie!”

happy mothers day for aunt quotes

28 – “Aunts like you are precious and irreplaceable. On this Mother’s Day, I want to thank you for being the most wonderful aunt in the world.”

29 – “Aunts are more like angels who give us warmth and protection. I am so blessed to have an aunt like you in my life. Happy Mother’s Day!”

aunt mothers day quotes michael jordan

Happy Mother’s Day Card Messages For Your Aunt

30 – “My mother is my root, my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and that is the belief that the ability to achieve starts in your mind.” – Michael Jordan

31 – “A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.” – Princess Diana

aunt mothers day quotes Agatha Christie

32 – “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” – Agatha Christie

33 – “It is at our mother’s knee that we acquire our noblest and truest and highest ideals.” – Mark Twain

34 – “If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” Milton Berle

aunt mothers day quotes Rudyard Kipling

35 – “An ounce of mother is worth a pound of clergy.” – Rudyard Kipling

36 – “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” – Rudyard Kipling

37 – “Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary — it’s an act of infinite optimism.” – Gilda Radner

aunt mothers day quotes Eleanor Roosevelt

38 – “I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

39 – “All love begins and ends there.” – Robert Browning

short aunt mothers day quotes

Short Mother’s Day Messages

40 – “Aunts are like sunshine on a rainy day.”

41 – “Aunties are like moms, only cooler.”

42 – “Aunts are always offering cake when mom says no.”

short aunt mothers day messages

43 – “Youth fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship fall; A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

44 – “Thanks for all your love, care and support from day one. Happy Mother’s Day!”

45 – “Wishing you the happiest of days on this special day! You deserve it!”

short aunt mothers day wishes

46 – “The best thing about having a special aunt like you is that I can always count on you for a hug.”

47 – “You are the best role model and friend I could have ever asked for.”

48 – “The entire family loves you, auntie, and so do I.”

happy mothers day for aunt wishes

49 – “Aunts don’t just give us love, they also give us strength, courage and support.”

50 – “Thanks for always being a positive influence in my life.”

51 – “Aunt is the most beautiful word.”

52 – “You make all the tough times easier and all the good times even better!”

sweet aunt mothers day quotes

53 – “Aunt is another word for a true friend.”

54 – “I know an incredible woman, and I call her auntie.”

55 – “The most beautiful woman I know is my aunt.”

inspirational mothers day quotes for aunt

Inspirational Mother’s Day Quotes You Can Share With Your Aunt

56 – “Like a mother, you showered me with love and care throughout my childhood and youth. May God bless you with all the happiness on this special day. I hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day, Auntie!”

57 – “There is a special way you bring sunshine into my life. On this special day, I want to thank you for all that you do! Wishing the best of Mother’s Day to an amazing aunt!”

inspirational mothers day wishes for aunt

58 – “You are one of the most genuine people I know, and you have been a constant source of love and support throughout my life. You are an incredible aunt, and I wish you the best this Mother’s Day!”

59 – “Thank you for being such a positive spirit in my life. I hope your Mother’s Day is as wonderful and unique as you are, Aunt!”

inspirational mothers day messages for aunt

60 – “You have a heart of gold and a soul that radiates kindness and love. On this special day, may you be blessed with all the joy in the world! Happy Mother’s Day to an awesome aunt!”

61 – “Aunt, you have a special place in my heart and I am so lucky to have you as part of my family. Wishing you the happiest of Mother’s Day celebrations!”

inspirational aunt mothers day quotes

62 – “I feel so blessed to know somebody as wonderful as you. You have taught me so much and I am so grateful to have you in my life. Wishing the most amazing Mother’s Day to a marvelous aunt!”

63 – “You are such an incredible person, with a kind heart, generous spirit, and motherly love. Happy Mother’s Day to the best aunt ever!”

64 – “No words can express how much I appreciate you. You are one of the most special people in my life, and I am so thankful for your friendship. Wishing you a fantastic Mother’s Day, Auntie!”

aunt mothers day quotes Erma Bombeck

Funny Mother’s Day Quotes Your Aunt Will Laugh At

65 – “When your mother asks, ‘Do you want a piece of advice?’ it is a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no. You’re going to get it anyway.” – Erma Bombeck

66 – “Any mother could perform the jobs of several air-traffic controllers with ease.” – Lisa Althe

67 – “Mother is far too clever to understand anything she does not like.” – Arnold Bennett

aunt mothers day quotes Robert Brault

68 – “A mom forgives us all our faults, not to mention one or two we don’t even have.” – Robert Brault

69 – “My mother thinks I am the best. And I was raised to always believe what my mother tells me.” – Diego Maradona

70 – “In the end, mothers are always right. No one else tells the truth.” – Randy Susan Meyers

71 – “I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford. Then, I want to move in with them.” – Phyllis Diller

aunt mothers day quotes Jane Sellman

72 – “The phrase ‘working mother’ is redundant.” – Jane Sellman

73 – “Mothers of daughters are daughters of mothers, and all have the same roots.” – Shari R. Barr”

75 – “Aunts are like a mother you never had and always wished for!”

beautiful aunt mothers day quotes

Beautiful Aunt Quotes You Can Share With Her

You don’t need to wait for Mother’s Day to share a heartfelt message with the wonderful women in your life.

Here are a few beautiful aunt quotes that you can share with her any time of the year.

76 – “Aunt, thank you for treating me like I am your own child and always showering me with love and lots of hugs. I hope you have a fantastic day today.”

beautiful aunt mothers day wishes

77 – “When I need help and understanding, you’re always there. Thanks for all your guidance, Aunt! I hope you have a good day.”

78 – “You’re a new mom now, and it’s been so much fun watching you experience this journey. You were always there for me with the strongest energy any woman could bring. I know you’ll take good care of this new baby. Happy Mother’s Day!”

79 – “You have a heart of gold and a beautiful spirit. Thanks for being such an incredible auntie! I am sending you best wishes for a wonderful day.”

aunt mothers day quotes inspiring

80 – “One of my favorite ways to spend time with you is when we share stories, laughs and memories. You’re an amazing aunt! Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day.”

81 – “Auntie, thank you for being a little bit parent and a little bit teacher, a little bit friend and a whole lot of love. I hope you have an amazing day today.”

82 – “There are lovely flowers, amazing food, and meaningful conversations. These are just a few of the ways you make Mother’s Day so special. To the best mom we don’t deserve, Happy Mother’s Day!”

83 – “You are the sweetest aunt ever! You deserve more than just one day of recognition for all that you do for me and for your family. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day!”

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to recognize the all-important role of our aunts in our lives and the ways that they shape us and support us in becoming our best selves.

A beloved aunt will always be there for a hug, some sage advice, an encouraging word, or just be there when we need someone who understands.

This Mother’s Day, let’s show our appreciation for these special women with some beautiful words of love and gratitude!

Share your favorite quotes from this post on social media as a thoughtful way to express your love and show them how much they mean to you.

Being an aunt is a special role in any family and this is the perfect time to thank her for being such an amazing part of your life.


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