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20 Hottest Elf on the Shelf Return Letter Ideas

Get these free printable Elf on the Shelf return letters to leave for your kids. After all, who doesn’t love a personalized letter from their favorite elf?

As parents, we all know the magic that comes with the holiday season and having an Elf on the Shelf is just another way to add some joy and excitement into our children’s lives.

It’s no surprise that this tradition has become so popular in recent years, with families all over the world embracing their own elf and creating unique and creative ways to display them each day.

But as much fun as it is for us parents, it’s even more special for our little ones.

That’s why adding a personalized return letter from your child’s elf can make this experience even more magical.

printable elf on the shelf return letters layout.

20 Hottest Elf on the Shelf Return Letter Ideas

So whether your elf has been up to some mischief or has been a perfect little helper, we’ve got you covered with these 20 hottest Elf on the Shelf return letter ideas.

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    The best thing about these free printables if you can hide each letter in a new location every night.

    You won’t have to worry about coming up with new ideas for your elf from now until your elf’s departure on Christmas Day.

    printable elf on the shelf return letter from santa claus

    1. A Letter from Santa Claus

    This letter from Santa Claus himself is sure to be a hit with your kids.

    Your kids will love reading Santa’s invitation to help their family get ready for Christmas Eve.

    They’ll also be excited to find out what Santa really thinks of their elf’s name.

    And getting a gentle reminder to remember the Elf on the Shelf rules never hurts, especially if this is your first year with this tradition.

    santa's nice list certificate free printable letter

    2. A Naughty or Nice Report Card

    If your kids have been on either the naughty or nice list this year, why not have your elf leave a report card for them?

    It’s a fun way to encourage good behavior and make your little ones feel extra special for being on the nice list.

    And if your children’s behavior hasn’t been the best…then this letter is a good way to encourage them to choose good deeds and show kindness to others.

    printable elf on the shelf return letter nice report card

    3. The Good Deed Reward

    If you feel your kids have had the best behavior known to your family, then have this letter arrive for your child from the North Pole.

    Your elf can bring back a report card from Santa about how well-behaved your child has been this year.

    You can even include a small gift to make this experience even sweeter.

    free printable elf apology letter pdf

    4. An Apology Letter

    Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to our favorite elf.

    So, have your Elf on the Shelf arrival letter be their return letter on December 1st!

    You can have your elf use this apology letter to the family for being away so long with their matching elf friends.

    You’ll find your elf apologized for not being around to help with the holiday preparations, and promise to do better this year.

    a note of encouragement elf on the shelf return letter

    5. A Note of Encouragement

    Your new elf can share this note of encouragement to your family as you prepare for Christmas.

    You’ll find words of support and positivity while your family enjoys this season despite any challenges you may be facing right now.

    thank you note elf on the shelf introduction letter

    6. A Thank You Note

    This fun elf letter is the perfect way to show your children appreciation for welcoming an elf into your home for the first time.

    You’ll find this free printable letter with all the other printable Elf on the Shelf return letters when you send these digital files straight to your inbox.

    I’m so excited for you to use this elf “I’m back” letter to simplify your Christmas this season.

    Send 20 Free Elf on the Shelf Return Letters To Your Inbox!

    Never plan another Elf return night with these free Return Letters.

    From Christmas movie nights to new holiday traditions, there’s a new theme with each letter.

    Grab these today and thank us later.

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      story of your elf's arrival letters printable

      7. A Story About Your Elf’s Arrival

      Maybe your elf traveled to your home on the back of a reindeer or flew in on an airplane.

      Or maybe on the back of a dinosaur, your child will never know because this letter will leave your kids giggling and wondering.

      This cute letter as a fun Christmas time story of all the exciting adventures they had while away from home.

      invitation christmas day fun printable arrival letter

      8. An Invitation To Join In The Fun

      Whether you have a boy elf or a girl elf, it doesn’t matter.

      This fun Christmas tradition can include an invitation from your elf to join in on all of the holiday fun!

      You can hide this letter in just the right place for the kids to find, so they can be part of all the excitement.

      Whether your special spot is by the Christmas tree or next to a cup of candy canes, with this invitation, your family can come together and enjoy the magic of Christmas with the help of this lovable elf who has become a part of your holiday traditions.

      holiday traditions for family fun

      9. A List Of Holiday Traditions To Try Out

      Ready to introduce a fun family tradition or two?

      Here are some great options your elf can recommend everyone in your family to try this year!

      You’ll find fun activities like:

      • Baking cookies
      • Going ice skating
      • Reading a holiday book
      • Writing letters to Santa

      And many more!

      Choose one or choose them all.

      Your elf will help you make these activities even more special and exciting for your children.

      invitation christmas spirit printable arrival letter

      10. An Invitation To Play Games Together

      Using this letter is a great way to bond as a family and invite the Christmas spirit into your home.

      Your elf can recommend fun games to play with your kids, like:

      • A holiday scavenger hunt
      • Making a Christmas craft together
      • Having a snowball fight (using cotton balls)

      The possibilities are endless and your elf will be there to watch all the fun.

      write an elf letter free printable letter

      11. Dear Elf Letter

      Before you bid a final fond farewell to your elf, your kids can send their own letter expressing their gratitude.

      The letter will remind them of all the fun things they’ve done together and how much they love their elf.

      New years resolution next year printable elf letter

      12. A New Year’s Resolution For Everyone

      Okay, this is a sneaky way to encourage your kids to develop some good habits.

      They likely love your family’s scout elf and don’t want him/her to leave and wait until next year to see them again.

      But when you use one of these cute letters you can encourage your child to pick a New Year’s resolution.

      This could be anything from eating healthier food , exercising more frequently , being kind to their siblings, or even something fun like reading a new book every month.

      Your elf can also suggest that everyone in the family makes their own resolutions, making it a fun and positive bonding experience for all.

      ways to give back elf on the shelf kit

      13. A List Of Ways To Give Back

      My family and I participate in a giving initiative called Light the World every year.

      This helps our family keep Christmas service focused and encourages our children to find ways to give back to our community.

      You can use this printable arrival letter as a way of encouraging your children to think about ways they can give back and make a difference during the holiday season.

      Some ideas could be donating toys to less fortunate children, or writing letters of appreciation to some community helpers.

      Your elf can even suggest ways for the whole family to give back together, making it a heartwarming and meaningful experience.

      holiday treats free printable stationery

      14. A Recipe For Holiday Treats

      You don’t have to wait until the next Christmas season to have your little guy or gal elf encourage a bit of holiday fun in your home.

      Have your elf friends leave the ingredients for a delicious treat your family can bake together.

      You and your children can make anything from marshmallow snowflakes to sugar cookies in holiday shapes.

      This activity will not only bring the family together, but also create some delicious memories.

      Send 20 Free Elf on the Shelf Return Letters To Your Inbox!

      Never plan another Elf return night with these free Return Letters.

      From Christmas movie nights to new holiday traditions, there’s a new theme with each letter.

      Grab these today and thank us later.

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        book recommendation elf on the shelf welcome letter printable

        15. A Book Recommendation

        If there’s a Christmas book you’re wanting to read with your children, then use this letter for your elf’s return.

        You can hide your elf in a new place, such as your bookshelf or under the Christmas tree, and include a new holiday book for your family to enjoy together.

        This will not only add some variety to your elf’s activities, but also encourage reading and quality family time.

        christmas countdown printable return letter

        16. A Christmas Countdown Chain

        My family did a Christmas countdown chain last year and my kids loved it!

        If you’d rather not worry about glue splotches and tiny green and red paper all over your kitchen floor, I understand.

        Instead of doing a countdown chain you can gift your kids one of many advent calendars available online.

        You’ll find a family focused advent calendar in our shop you can use with your other Elf on the Shelf printables.

        christmas movie night with lots of elf fun

        17. Christmas Movie Night

        Snuggle up with a fuzzy blanket and your favorite people to watch a family-friendly holiday movie.

        The best part is your elf can make the movie recommendations, so you’re off the hook for choosing!

        Make this time of the year extra special by having your elf leave some hot cocoa and popcorn supplies for you to enjoy during the movie.

        This is a simple yet fun activity that will bring the family together and create lasting memories.

        outdoor adventure list for this time of year

        18. An Outdoor Adventure List

        Some of my favorite childhood memories involve being outside and playing with my siblings in the snow.

        There’s something magical about red noses and cold toes when you’re a kid.

        If you’re ready to get your kids off their phones and tablets and outside in the snow, then get ready for some Elf on the Shelf fun with this letter.

        Your mischievous little elf will suggest fun outdoor activities like sledding, ice skating, building a snowman, going on a walk, and more.

        Everyone can get outside for a few minutes and enjoy nature during this time of year.

        gingerbread house competition editable elf template

        19. Gingerbread House Competition

        Out of all your elf’s arrival letters, this free letter with your child’s name on the top will quickly become your family’s favorite tradition.

        Pair off into teams or compete against each other for the ultimate gingerbread house competition.

        Everyone can make their display and each person (or Santa) can vote on which one they think looks best.

        You can give out prizes at the end, or if someone’s house falls apart, just put a dinosaur toy in the middle of the mess.

        holiday light tour elf on the shelf

        20. A Holiday Lights Tour

        As a final Elf on the Shelf tradition, your elf can suggest going on a holiday lights tour in the neighborhood to see the beautiful decorations.

        This is a great way for kids to appreciate the spirit of giving and spreading joy during the holiday season.

        They can also take this time to think about their elf’s first visit and the departure letter they want to write for their elf this year.

        the good deed reward shelf letter template

        From mischievous elves to diligent helpers, we know your family’s Elf on the Shelf will be looking out for your children this holiday season.

        And what better way to kick off the festivities than with a personalized letter from our friends far north?

        With 20 ideas to choose from, you’re sure to find one that brings a smile to your child’s face.

        Don’t forget to download this free printable pack so you can craft these return letters yourself and get ready for some major elfing fun this Christmas.

        So what are you waiting for?

        Download the free printable letters for your scout elves to use.

        Send 20 Free Elf on the Shelf Return Letters To Your Inbox!

        Never plan another Elf return night with these free Return Letters.

        From Christmas movie nights to new holiday traditions, there’s a new theme with each letter.

        Grab these today and thank us later.

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          You’ll be making your Christmas even more magical with our Elf on the Shelf arrival ideas.

          Merry Christmas, friend.

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